LRS 092: 10 Morning Rituals of Successful Entrepreneurs

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Welcome to another episode of the show, filled with life lessons from successful people and practical tips on how to live a better life. Today I will talk about the morning rituals of successful entrepreneurs.

In particular, a few entrepreneurs and leaders who’ve done pretty well in every aspect in life. These are names like Richard Branson, Tim Cook, Arianna Huffington, Marissa Mayer, Tim Armstrong, Jack Dorsey, and more. I will analyze what they do right after they wake up and during their morning.

I’ve covered morning routines a thousand times already and have a book on it. But it’s always inspiring to mention the exact morning habits of startup founders, famous people and millionaires. We can copy their mornings and be as productive as them if we set our minds to it.

Every person who achieved some big goals, be it in their personal life or in business, has a specific structure of their daily routine. Such individuals wake up at certain times of the day, then do a set of good and healthy habits first thing in the morning. They have rituals that help them get in the right mindset to strategize and generate business ideas. And also other routines that help them disconnect from everything and have a proper rest. Be it at night with a whole evening routine, or between work sessions in order to improve focus by taking frequent breaks.

But in this episode I’ll only talk about what successful people do when they wake up.

Let’s hear the morning rituals of successful entrepreneurs:

Show Notes:

  • What helps Jack Dorsey be productive for 16 hours every day [1:53]
  • The exact things Tim Ferriss does when he wakes up [4:23]
  • How morning exercising made Barack Obama a better person [5:55]
  • What does Richard Branson do after he leaves bed at 5 am [8:10]
  • How one of the most powerful women spends her first hour of the day [8:54]
  • What the first 80 minutes of the day for one of the hardest working podcasters look like [12:35]
  • The 2 main activities of Tim Armstrong, CEO of AOL, between 5 and 7 am [13:30]
  • The woman from the Silicon Valley who sleeps 4 hours per night, and her wake up time [14:16]


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Hope you enjoyed hearing about the morning rituals of successful entrepreneurs. What do you think? And how does your morning look like?

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