Getting Yourself Motivated and Organised for the Year Ahead

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Whatever goals you’ve set yourself this year, the one thing you’re going to need to achieve them is motivation. Without motivation, it’s much harder to stay focused on what you want to achieve.

New Year’s resolutions are a fantastic example of how important motivation is. Have you ever noticed you start off well with your resolutions only to get back into the same bad habits a month or so later? This happens a lot and it’s all down to motivation.  So, how can you get and more importantly, stay motivated and organised for the year ahead? Below you’ll discover some of the best tips which can help.

Identify triggers and replace bad habits.

Before you can make any changes in life, you need to first identify exactly what it is which needs to change. Identifying your triggers for any bad habits you may have, gives you the opportunity to banish them and replace bad habits with good ones.

Say, for example, you tend to develop sugar cravings throughout the day. The cravings are a trigger for a learned routine, such as grabbing a glass of fizzy pop or eating a handful of sweets for an instant sugar rush. However, it’s possible to change this routine by recognising the trigger and then doing something totally different to get the same reward. When you experience a craving, do some push-ups or head out on a walk. Soon, you’ll start to associate the craving with physical exercise and the reward is the feel-good endorphins you’ll experience. 

Record your progress and thoughts.

By far one of the most effective ways of staying motivated to achieve your goals, is to record your progress. If you can see that you are making progress, it will boost your motivation and push you forward.

You can also use a diary from companies such as Collins Debden, to record your thoughts and feelings. Often, it’s easy to forget that a large part of moving forward and achieving your goals is to combat the mental barriers, as well as the physical ones. Keeping a diary can help you to identify certain factors which may be hampering your success, as well as help you to set positive affirmations which can really help boost motivation.

Surround yourself with motivation.

Finally, it’s always good to surround yourself with motivation.

What really motivates you? Is it other people? If so, following fitness gurus on social media could be a great first step.

Or maybe you find it inspiring to look up motivational quotes? Create a folder or diary packed full of your favourite motivational quotes which you can come back to when you need a motivational boost.

These are just some of the great tips you can follow to stay motivated and organised in the year ahead. Gaining motivation is one thing, but keeping it is entirely another. So, it’s important to focus on ways to boost motivation when times get tough.

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