Where Do The Most Motivated People in America Live, According to Researchers

Where Do The Most Motivated People in America Live, According to Researchers

A healthy rivalry exists between the many and varied states of America, with each region believing that they lead the nation in their particular area of expertise. But also that they are generally stronger, smarter, and probably better looking than their neighbors.

New research seeks to add data to the debate over which state might be considered the most motivated in the country.

Motivation, when it comes to creating drive towards a goal, can be divided into three factors: activation, persistence, and intensity.

  • Activation is the actual getting it together to get started.
  • Persistence is seeing it through without quitting.
  • Intensity is how focused you are while you do so.

After analyzing these factors, this study has shown that Coloradans are the most motivated people in America:

most motivated people in america

States That Eat The Most Fruit & Vegetables

Take fruit and vegetable consumption.

It may not exactly be climbing a mountain or steering your start-up through a depression, but motivating yourself to eat your five-a-day at least four days each week is reckoned to show persistence and intensity.

It’s easy to pick up an apple in the morning (activation). But to follow it up with four more fruits and veggies each day as the week progresses shows a longer-term form of focus and determination towards improving your health.

A whopping 64% of people in Vermont manage just this, suggesting that people from that state have the kind of long-term grit to keep going once they get started.

States That Feel Active And Productive

It’s the getting started, however, that they struggle with – which is indicated by the fact that people in Vermont are second-lowest rated for feeling active and productive.

These are ‘activation’ traits – they require you to get up and get started.

So while people from Vermont have a claim to be the most motivated in the States, it is undermined by their unwillingness to get up and about!

States That Exercise The Most

Hawaii comes top when exercise is measured in terms of number of residents who exercise for at least 30 minutes, three or more days per week. Hawaiians are also in the top five when it comes to eating their fruit and veg.

Of course, these are generalizations, but it is a good opportunity to think about your own levels of activation, persistence, and intensity.

If you find that one trait is lacking and the others are thriving, paying just a bit more attention to that weaker area could help you to shift your overall motivation levels into the next gear – and leave your rivals in the dust.

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