There’s not much in life you can achieve without the necessary motivation, so what do you do when it deserts you?

Firstly, you need to understand where your motivation comes from. 

Studies have found two main sources of motivation.

Inner motivations come from within, where you set your own challenges, while outer ones come from external pressures from family, friends and bosses. Which type has the most impact on you?

That probably depends on what type of person you are, as there are also four distinct personalities that have been identified in relation to motivation.

These come from author Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies Framework and they are:

  • Upholder, which means you’re a self-controlled person;
  • Questioner, which means you’re motivated by reason and will question anything that comes your way;
  • Obliger, which means you’re motivated by external accountability;
  • and Rebel, which means you just do what you want.

As each of these personality types is motivated by different factors, what to do when you are struggling for motivation varies accordingly. So, if you’re a Rebel, for example, the most important thing for you to do is to find that aspect within each task that speaks to you personally, turning them into challenges or even games to make them more appealing to you as an individual.

For an Obliger, meanwhile, the biggest problems come when you have a self-appointed task or goal to achieve, as you can find it hard to motivate yourself to tackle them instead of bowing to external pressures. So you need to use this knowledge of what motivates you and find external factors to drive you to achieve your personal goals, by getting friends and family involved and setting yourself a public deadline.

When it comes to a Questioner, unsurprisingly, asking questions is a good way of finding the motivation that you’re lacking. But so can organizing your tasks into a prioritized list, and also asking questions of yourself to find how you relate to the tasks.

And finally, for Upholders, scheduling and planning are how you motivate yourselves. So don’t be afraid to start color-coding your to-do list and calendar to get yourself ready to tackle it all.

How to Get Your Motivation Back: Infographic

If you aren’t sure which of these personalities applies to you, this infographic from Quid Corner has a handy guide to help you find out, as well as lots more information and tips to get you get your motivational buzz back the next time you lose your mojo.