Learning is a wonderful thing. It has the potential to broaden our horizons, expand our minds, overcome ignorance and make us better people.

It can transform us and enrich our lives. It can propel us into new and more rewarding jobs and careers and imbue us with skills and aptitudes that make us more well rounded human beings.

We all learn in different ways and all have different methods when it comes to bettering ourselves.

While learning is usually of the most benefit to us when it facilitates a new career or set of skills, let’s not forget that it’s a worthy pursuit in and of itself. There’s real joy to be found in discovering new books, new stories, new theories and new worlds of thinking.

Any form of learning, whether it’s in a prestigious red brick institution or the product of internet research, is a noble endeavor.

Yet, there still exists a veil of snobbery around the subject of learning, especially when it’s done to facilitate career progression or change.

The digital age has proven a great leveler when it comes to learning, bringing knowledge to the rich and poor alike. Yet some myths still persist about online learning.

Here we’ll debunk some of those myths and give some love to this revolutionary yet hugely under appreciated digital tool…

Online learning isn’t vocational.

Sure, remote learning gives you knowledge and skills, but you can’t use it to purse a whole new career… Can you? Of course you can!

While there are online courses in just about anything you’d find in a college prospectus, there’s also a plethora of vocational courses online to help people around the world to branch out into new careers.

From an online BA in policing to digital courses in nursing, there’s a wide range of vocational courses out there.

If you yearn for a change of career yet don’t have the time or resources for campus learning, an online course could be invaluable to your career development.

Online learning is easier and therefore less valid.

There’s absolutely no evidence to suggest that online learning is any easier than learning in a campus lecture hall. Sure, online learners are afforded more flexibility but that’s usually because they manage their studies alongside full time jobs and parental responsibilities.

If anything online learning is harder because it involves more discipline and time management skills.

Online learning isn’t interactive.

That’s a bold claim!

Look in any lecture hall today and you’ll see a room full of undergraduates either typing into their laptops of making notes in tablets…

Basically doing the exact same things as remote students. Moreover, students who study online have unrestricted access to their tutors within office hours via live chat, email or telephone.

With so many modes of communication afforded by the digital realm remote students may not get face to face interaction with their tutors and fellow students, but they still get a whole lot of interaction.

There’s nothing that can be gleaned from campus learning that you can’t get from online learning. If you have a thirst for knowledge, check out some online courses today… It might just change your life!