LRS 046: How Nathan Chan Grew Foundr to a 6-Figure Business

How Nathan Chan Grew Foundr to a 6-Figure Business - the let's reachs success podcast, lidiya k

Today on the Let’s Reach Success podcast I’ll talk about Nathan Chan’s successful business venture, Foundr Magazine. It’s the go-to resource for aspiring business owners and young startup founders.

It’s a monthly, subscription-based digital magazine on the topic of success and entrepreneurship, and the best one of its kind.

The person behind it is Nathan Chan. And what makes the story encouraging is that he started this in 2013 as a self-funded side hustle, and was still at his regular job, not knowing where this could take him.

In a year, however, he turned it into one of the most downloaded digital magazines on entrepreneurship on iTunes, and a 6-figure business.

The issues feature some of the smartest, richest and most thriving magnates, that share advice on life and startups. It all began with Richard Branson on the very first cover of the magazine, and since then it’s been names like Tony Robbins, Seth Godin, Chris Ducker, Deepak Chopra, Gary Vee, Tim Ferriss, Darren Rowse and many more.

Together with that one product, Nathan Chan created a fantastic brand. There’s the website, the blog with articles with powerful business advice, the weekly podcast where one big name in an industry shares his success story.

Now, he’s also crushing it on Instragram, and created a course on how to monetize that platform, and is also holding webinars every now and then.

So, all that should make us curious.

How did Nathan Chan do all this?

What made him come up with the idea, why he chose a magazine and not a blog or a podcast as everyone else is doing out there?

What were the struggles in the beginning to take the business off the ground, and what are the things that make Foundr different from all the other products out there?

What does it take to create a wildly successful digital magazine and make readers love you?

That’s what I’ll try to find out in this episode.


Show Notes:

  • Why Nathan Chan decided to start a magazine, and not a blog or a podcast like everyone else [2:29]
  • The early days of Foundr and why he called it this way [4:18]
  • What it takes to be a successful startup founder [6:14]
  • How Nathan and the team distribute the product [7:05]
  • What’s the message behind the brand [8:08]


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What do you think about the way Nathan Chan made it?

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