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There’s way too much information on the blog. It’s getting more every week and often good stuff gets lost in the archives. So I created a few squeeze pages that help you get started with the main topics around which the blog is structured.

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But if you’re looking for the best content on the site and wanna catch up quickly, here’s a list of the most important posts:

MUST-READS (and most useful ones):

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Step #5: Earn your first money online.

I’m all about documenting my journey. Which means I share the exact things I did (and failed at) to be able to earn thousands of dollars doing what I love, how I diversified my income streams, became a location independent freelance writer, and more.

Recently, I created a free book talking about the first step, which is freelancing or offering your services online, getting paid and building a brand around it. Grab it for free to see those first dollars coming in pretty soon.

Make Your First Money Online Freelancing
Get the blueprint I used to start making money from my blog and freelance writing business.

Step #6: See the Tools I Use and Love.

Wonder how I run this site, record the podcast and write content? Or want to see the books I read and the other blogs I follow for inspiration?

Well, all the answers can be found over at the Resources page I created for you. In the end, you can also find some interesting deals.

There’s also a shorter version with the most recommended tools that I trust the most.

I recently created a free guide on starting a blog . It has all the information and resources you need to begin your online journey with a few clicks.

Step #7: Go Through My Income Reports.

For some time now, I started tracking my income more accurately and sharing it with my audience. That means talking about the ways I earn money online, the new projects I work on, the mistakes I make, and the exact numbers.

It was uncomfortable in the beginning, but with every next report, I find it more fun to publish content like that. I now make each more detailed and also use that post to review my last month and set goals for the new one.

Here’s the income reports page.


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