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Next Level Productivity


Do you start your day with the hope that you can get anything you planned done and still have time for yourself?

Then, the chaos begins.

You are overwhelmed by the size of your to-do list, aren’t sure what to complete first, and there’s so much more you want to do.

By the end of the day, you don’t feel accomplished but drained and feel like you’ve been busy all day but didn’t do much.

That’s because you lack the foundation. Which is knowing how productivity works, getting familiar with its main principles, and making time management work for you, instead of against you.

I went through all this too. Together with the confusion and information overload that came once I started learning more about how to increase personal productivity to be able to get more done.

Years after my journey began, I’m able to say I make the most of my day, every day, and even manage an online business with just a few hours of focused work every other day.


  • Stop wasting time organizing your day, wondering where to begin, and switching from one task to the next?
  • Stop being in a hurry and feeling like you never have the time to do what you enjoy?
  • Wake up in the morning and know exactly what you’ll get done today?
  • Go to bed knowing you did you best and worked exactly on the things that matter to you and which help you get closer to your goals?
  • Stop allowing procrastination and distractions to get to you, and instead find focus and learn how to keep it when you need it?

I get it!

That’s why I spent tens of hours writing down all I know about productivity and what I’ve learned about time management over the years through experimenting. I packed that knowledge into the ultimate course for beginners.

If you’re ready to not just increase personal productivity, but take it to a whole new level, you need Next Level Productivity.


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Next Level Productivity is your resource for anything and everything related to the art and science of getting things done.

If you’ve always wanted to increase personal productivity but didn’t know where to begin, if you have some lazy habits and your day is filled with distractions, if you dream about starting an online business but can’t find the daily focus necessary for having a side hustle, you need this course.

Learn all about the course here.

Here’s what you’ll find inside Next Level Productivity:

Module 1: The Basics of Productivity & Clearing Your Life of The Non-Essential

  • Introduction to The Course
  • What is Productivity
  • Crucial Mistakes You’re Making That Sabotage Productivity
  • Dealing with Time-Wasting Activities
  • 4 Distractions to Eliminate to Stay Focused and Get Things Done
  • A Detailed List of The Habits That Make Us Lazy and Unproductive

Module 2: Beating Procrastination Once and for All

  • Why We Procrastinate and What to Do About It
  • 1. The Big Picture Scares You
  • 2. You Fear You Might Fail
  • 3. You’re Not Motivated
  • 4. Perfectionism
  • 5. You Overthink
  • 6. You Don’t Know Where to Start
  • 7. It Feels Like an Obligation
  • 8. You Don’t Believe You Can Do It
  • 9. You’re Being Negative
  • The Best Productivity System in The World

Module 3: How to Get More Done in Less Time

  • The Myth of Productivity Limits
  • 11 Questions to Ask Yourself to Double Your Productivity and Have More Time
  • 7 Practical Ways to Save Time by Doing Less
  • Productivity Hacks: Smart & Easy Ways to Be More Productive with Less Effort
  • How to Find Focus in Daily Life
  • Memory Hacks to Boost Your Brain Power
  • What’s The Pomodoro Technique and How Does It Work?
  • The 4 Productivity Habits That Changed My Life (and Will Yours Too)
  • 12 Next-Level Productivity Techniques

Module 4: Creating The Ideal Day for Maximum Productivity

  • Own The Day
  • How to Add 2 More Hours of Productive Work to Your Day with One Habit
  • The Morning Routine That Will Set You Up for a Successful Day
  • Morning Pages and Productivity
  • How to Use Your Free Time to Level Up in Life
  • How to Never Be Tired Again
  • Evening Habits: Quick Things to Do Every Night to Sleep Better and Be More Productive Tomorrow

Module 5: 10x Your Productivity at Work and at Home

  • Managing Workload So You’re Never Overwhelmed Again
  • How to Have Energy All Day
  • Productivity Tips for Writers: How to Write a Lot Every Day
  • How to Stay Productive When You Work from Home
  • 5 Ways to Increase Productivity in The Workplace
  • How to Work Smart, Not Hard: 22 Tips That Will Change The Way You Work

Best of all, you can start with no experience and be able to call yourself the master of your personal productivity in just a few weeks.


If you’re new to Let’s Reach Success, let me tell you a bit about myself.


I’m Lidiya, and in the last few years I managed to define my passion, turn it into my career, become location independent, change my habits, improve my health, travel while living the laptop lifestyle, move to another country to start a new life there (Amsterdam, Netherlands), set up an online business there, and start earning over $4,000/month by working when I feel like.

But none of this would be possible if I first hadn’t done the following:

  • Find out what I want and don’t want in my life so I can create a vision of the ideal lifestyle and have a direction;
  • Understand what causes procrastination and have control over it;
  • Define the distractions in daily life and remove each;
  • Find focus and develop the ability to do focused work regardless of my environment or what else is going on in my life;
  • Kickstart every day with a morning routine followed by a few hours of focused work on my side hustle;
  • Learning how to get things done smarter instead of harder and thus saving a ton of time daily;
  • Prioritizing so I can work only on what matters and see progress with the areas in life I care about the most.

I’m a lifestyle designer and believe each and every one of us can live a life of freedom and independence. For me, it meant finding what I love doing and monetizing it using the Internet. For you, that might be being more social, finding your soul mate and traveling the world.

Whatever the case, all this begins with your daily habits – what you do first thing in the morning, what’s on your mind when you’re doing your most important work for the day, whether or not you have a to-do list and what you put on top, how you manage your time, and so much more.

All that is included in Next Level Productivity so you can increase personal productivity, remove procrastination from your life, accomplish a lot every day without feeling exhausted at the end, and change your life as a result of doing more and doubling your results.


You might be wondering what exactly you need to do in order to increase your productivity in daily life and improve every other aspect as a result of that.

Let me share how that can happen:

  • Defining your unproductive activities and eliminating them;
  • Finding out the cause of procrastination and taking action to solve it;
  • Learning how to prioritize;
  • Using smart hacks and tricks from proven experts in the niche;
  • Tracking your time, seeing where its spent and optimizing the way you use it;
  • Finding your prime time and organizing the rest of your day around it;
  • Knowing what gives you energy and what takes it away and ditching some old habits because of that;
  • Using techniques to find focus wherever you are;
  • Knowing what to do first thing in the morning so you can be productive till the evening.


  • The harsh truth about what we’re doing wrong that sabotages our productivity;
  • The main distractions in our life and how to ditch them;
  • The reasons why we procrastinate and what to do about each;
  • The exact things I do on a daily basis that help me get a lot done;
  • The power of a morning routine and how to create one that will help you kickstart the day, every day;
  • Finding out how you’re wasting time;
  • Tips for saving time on a daily basis and having more of it for yourself;
  • Strategies to get more done in less time;
  • Actual productivity hacks to help you double your results and boost your performance;

And more.

If you’re eager to increase personal productivity, enroll in the course now and start learning:

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Discover anything and everything about the science of productivity, time management, and personal organization to get stuff done the right way! Check out the ultimate productivity and time management course for beginners: #productivity #productivitytips #timemanagement #savetime #moreproductive #workfromhome