What I’m Doing Now

I’m in Amsterdam, Netherlands, working on these things:

July, 2017

  • recovering financially after traveling and having more expenses due to living in Amsterdam and having a higher standard of life;
  • learning to manage my finances better;
  • working out 5-6 times a week (gym and jogging);
  • affiliate marketing;
  • on-boarding members for LRS Premium (now Let’s Reach Success is a subscription-based platform offering premium content);
  • researching and taking some action to officially move my online business in the Netherlands;
  • creating strategic and optimized content for a new niche site I’m experimenting with;
  • writing actionable content for members weekly.

November, 2016

  • looking for a permanent place to stay in Amsterdam (moving there in 2 weeks);
  • preparation for a mini-retirement in Thailand in February, 2017;
  • publishing tons of guest posts on Let’s Reach Success (almost half of which are sponsored);
  • a new strategy for the podcast where I do a lot more research for most episodes and share life lessons, habits and mindsets of successful entrepreneurs and/or big companies;
  • writing books and articles for clients;
  • building a following on Instagram @letsreachsuccess;
  • constantly making optimizations to the blog in terms of SEO and UE to make the reading experience better and let the visitor focus on content only;
  • managing my finances better;
  • covering new subcategories on the blog like Money, Health and Travel;
  • reading about investing and startups to engage my mind and think of new ideas for my businesses;
  • officially being able to call myself a lifestyle designer and location independent;
  • cutting out bread from my menu again (it’s just too big of a weakness).

February, 2016

  • writing;
  • working on this blog all the time;
  • publishing a new book almost every month (latest one is on breaking bad habits);
  • freelance writing;
  • working on my 5-month plan to double my income;
  • releasing an episode of The Let’s Reach Success Podcast every Thursday;
  • creating audiobooks (first one is on building confidence);
  • learning more about book marketing and trying new things;
  • building better habits (and sharing what I learn with my readers);
  • going to the gym 3-5 times a week;
  • planning and arranging stuff for my next two vacations (a trip around Europe with friends in the beginning of April during which it will be hard to do much work, and a month or two in the Netherlands this summer as the first step of my location independent journey).

These are my priorities and I’m ruthless with them. This means that I don’t let people talk me out of these, I make time for them daily (usually dedicate my most productive time of each day to them) and make sure that no distractions get in the way.

Last update: July 20, 2017. (Page inspired by Derek Sivers.)