4 Reasons Why NYC Is One Of The Most Visited Cities In The World

4 Reasons Why NYC Is One Of The Most Visited Cities In The World

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For decades, NYC has topped the list of most visited cities in the world for its myriad charms and attractions across the five boroughs.

Millions of tourists flock to this charming and cool place to spend quality time. The city has so many things to do and see that even a few days won’t suffice to accommodate them all in your itinerary.

From world-class museums, iconic landmarks, gardens, and much more, it caters to every taste and age group with ease. The city has so many sites and places that you don’t need a reason to visit; just go.

Here are 4 reasons why NYC ranks among the most visited cities in the world:

1. It’s the liveliest city on planet.

NYC buzzes with activities through the day and all night. Its nightlife is unique with bars open 24/7, and a large number of people can be seen roaming the streets at odd hours. Even the subway is open all day and night so people can move freely in the city.

Dazzling lights are always on luring people into enjoying clubbing, shopping and restaurants at any time. The kind of energy and liveliness you find here won’t be seen anywhere else for sure.

2. Art and history.

Some of America’s best museums are here in NYC offering a peek into the art and history of the city, as well as the world. Explore and enjoy over 2 million pieces of artwork at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Revel in works varying from ancient Egyptian art, modern pieces and paintings by the masters. You could check the wonders of the natural world at the Museum of Natural History, and for a more visual spectacle of art, visit the Museum of Modern Art. Other places not to miss include the Guggenheim Museum and the Brooklyn Museum. A trip to these museums is a chance to understand the true spirit and essence of the Big Apple.

3. World-renowned monuments and attractions.          

NYC is home to some of the world’s most iconic monuments which you need to visit for sure. Among this long list of sites, the Statue of Liberty stands out for its significance to not only the city, but also to America. The iconic Empire State Building and its observatories (respectively at 86th and 102nd floor) are a pure architectural treat. Head to the Brooklyn Bridge and marvel at the engineering finesses and innovation. Other notable places not to miss include Grand Central Terminal, Times Square, and the New York Public Library.

4. Beautiful parks and gardens.

NYC is not just a concrete urban jungle, but a place full of natural oases across boroughs. Lovely parks and beautiful gardens dot the landscape offering a welcome reprieve from the chaotic pace of the city. Some of most visited parks here include Central Park, Prospect Park, the Chelsea High Line, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Flushing Meadows Corona Park and Hudson River Park. More so, enjoying Central Park bike tours tops the must-do list of most tourists visiting NYC.

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