Opportunities Galore for Marketing and Sales Graduates in Australia

Opportunities Galore for Marketing and Sales Graduates in Australia

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If you’re a marketing and sales graduate in Australia then you should be confident that you’ll be able to land a job.

In Australia, job opportunities are a plenty for marketing and sales graduates. Today, almost every industry and organisation in Australia makes use of marketing and sales graduates.

In Australia, marketing and sales graduates work as media advisors, digital and social media specialists, marketing research analysts, salesmen, marketing assistants, copywriters and key account managers. Sales and marketing graduates in Australia can earn a reasonable salary from their first job.

The average starting salary of sales and marketing professionals in Australia is between $45,000 and $55,000.

While there are opportunities galore for marketing and sales graduates in Australia, you will get employed only if you showcase your worth to employers.

This is where personal branding enters the fray.

Success and branding have a clear correlation. When you create a strong personal brand, people welcome your thoughts and opinions and see you as a natural leader.

Personal branding helps you to pursue whatever you’re passionate about and build a successful career.

Your personal brand is an evocative manifestation of everything you have to offer. This includes your contributions, performance and what you can bring to the table. According to grad services such as gradaustralia.com.au, your personal brand communicates two things to prospective employers—a promise and your career reputation. By creating a personal brand, you carry with yourself a value that helps you throughout your career.

An important aspect of personal branding is your online behavior.

Twenty years ago, the mistakes people made and the things they said were forgotten after a brief lapse of time. Unfortunately, that is longer the case.

Today, most of the communication takes place virtually and this communication is stored for ages and for billions to see. This includes the pages you ‘like’ on Facebook, callous blog comments and photographs that don’t put you in good light. All of these things can come back to haunt you and can be detrimental for your professional life.

Therefore, it is important for you to monitor your online behavior.

Lastly, many people think that resumes don’t have the same importance that they once had. This is largely due to the rise of employment-oriented social networking platforms such LinkedIn.

Most people think that a LinkedIn profile is an alternative to a resume’. However, this is a very wrong concept.

LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to target only one job market whereas you can modify your resume and create different versions of it to target several job markets. This is why giving due importance to your resume is important.

Finding a marketing or sales job in Australia isn’t difficult. Internships and/or graduate programs are a good way to start your marketing and sales career in Australia.

In Australia, a number of organisations offer internships and graduate programs to marketing and sales graduates including The Commonwealth Bank, CEB, Kimberly-Clark and The National Australia Bank.

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