LRS 084: How to Optimize Your Environment for Discipline and Success

How to Optimize Your Environment for Discipline and Success - the lets reach success podcast

With this episode of the Let’s Reach Success podcast I want you to start paying more attention to discipline, and also to change your attitude towards it by making conscious changes in what’s surrounding you.

I believe it can be the stepping stone to doing anything that otherwise sounds impossible or hard to get in life.

But for that to happen, you should know exactly how self-discipline works, be a bit more positive about it, and make it something you do on autopilot, instead of the unpleasant experience of making yourself do something you don’t want to.

I cite some experts on this today, that have researched the subject thoroughly, so that we can better understand the process our brain goes through when we make it do something to reach our goals.

This way, we’ll be able to optimize this, and find ways to make it happen more often.

Just imagine a life where you don’t need to wait till you’re motivated or inspired to do something, where you don’t need to overthink an action before you take it. Where the size of a project doesn’t scare you as you simply break it down into steps and get to work on the first one, where you’ve set your own rules and don’t let outer factors affect your behavior. Where you train yourself to build any habit, skill or develop a new mindset, whenever you start changing a new aspect of your life.

Well, I’m pretty sure all that is possible.

Let the transformation that takes a long time begin today, by understanding what self-discipline really is, and falling in love with the process of becoming more disciplined by optimizing our environment:

Show Notes:

  • What’s choice architecture [3:49]
  • How changing your environment leads to changing your behavior [5:44]
  • The outcome of a research on children and delayed gratification [6:41]
  • Consciously altering your existing environment [8:42]


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