Top 8 Printing Business Ideas You Can Start on Your Own

Social media puts you in contact with billions of people around the world. To take advantage of these advanced tools, optimized videos are required. If an individual or company has a story to tell, then this is the best way to get the point across.

Quality Matters

Everyone has a thing, that one special thing that makes their message stand out. When someone yells from the rooftop that We Make Online Videos, you tend to listen.

That is the type of attention drawing that need to come from an optimized video. It should call out to the watcher, with a little nudge that urges them to share what they just witnessed.

Optimized videos are not only rewatchable, but they are highly shareable across compatible demographics. Finding this balance takes a professional touch with a keen eye for marketing. 

What is Your Strategy?

You can make the greatest video in the world that still fails to hit its intended target.

Take a look at the social media platform where the video is going to be posted. Do they favor specific industries? Is there more engagement when the video is comedic, or has there been better success with videos that are serious? How reliant is the social media platform on memes?

In particular, finding the right mix of company message and entertainment is hard to achieve without previous platform data. Luckily, this is available on every leading social media platform. Take advantage of this, and then create a video that follows these guidelines. 

Get to the Point

The biggest complain consumers had about online videos is that they take too long. If the video can be fast forwarded, then consumers will have no trouble moving past the fluff.

And if it is an unskippable video ad, then both the original video and ad will be closed. These are the hard knocks of online videos, and many companies have lost millions by ignoring the constant changes in worldwide attention spans.

Even Hollywood blockbusters leave hours of film on the cutting room floor. If you’re not willing to make these changes, then there are plenty of consumers that will make the decision before you get to the point of your video. 


Accessibility should never be ignored. It’s in the name – when you make a video accessible, more eyeballs will have a chance to watch it. That is why subtitles should be included by default in every video you create.

The best thing about subtitles is that the process can be automated with a high success rate. If you have the resources, then getting creative with the format will earn you a lot of kudos on social media platforms.

Creativity is always a nice touch, and very few companies have taken advantage of the subtitle optimizations for their videos. 

Tell Your Story

Social media is dominated by videos that use professional marketing features. Your video is one of many, so any chance to stand out will matter. By optimizing your videos, consumers will understand what separates you from the competition.