Is It Time to Outsource Your Data Entry [Infographic]

Is It Time to Outsource Your Data Entry [Infographic]

This is a guest post by Sam Byrne, an outsourcing consultant, with over 5 years experience in creating real operational savings for small to medium businesses in Australia through offshore business process outsourcing.

Operational efficiency is one of the key metrics that business owners strictly observes.

With numerous tasks and processes to manage on a daily basis, keeping the business up and running is really challenging, especially if the business has to run with limited resources on hand.

Once the operational efficiency starts to decline, the company must review all the aspect – both core and non-essential – of its operations.

While technically, all its operations are vital to the success of the business, the company has the option to outsource its non-essential jobs to a third-party service provider so that they can improve on their core tasks and retain their focus on revenue-generating activities of their business.

Data entry, one of the most crucial, time-consuming and boring tasks in business, is one of the jobs that many companies choose to outsource these days. But before you plan to outsource this line of work, there are still some considerations you need to look into to ensure that this is the route that your business should follow.

To cut off the chase, here are the questions you need to consider when planning to outsource the data entry tasks of your business.

Knowing these questions will not only help you assess your current operational efficiency in relations with data entry. but also find the right outsourcing firm that will fit your business needs and preferences.

1. Are your operating costs on the rise?

If you are focusing significant financial resources on maintaining an in-house data entry job, then you should probably outsource.

For small business owners, this is critically important in order to keep the expenses at the low side while maintaining the quality of the data.

2. Is your business equipped with the necessary skills and tools for the job?

Although data entry does not call for specialized skills, the overwhelming amount of data can easily get your employees distracted for a long time.

Moreover, the lack of basic analytical skills and software can also risk the accuracy of the data.

3. Are you efficient in data management?

Most business owners do not realize the potential of having an accurate data in improving their business.

When the databases are not properly configured, and a clear data conversion process is not in place, the business loses its chance to get valuable data needed to make important decisions and identify internal and external opportunities for the business.

4. Are your employees motivated for the task at hand?

It’s true that all business processes are repetitive on their way. However, data entry can be said to be the most boring task which could suck the creativity and time out of your employees.

Once you notice that your staff is avoiding this task, it is high time for you to outsource.

5. Do you spend too much time on data entry?

Losing focus on core components of your business such as sales and marketing will not only limit the top line growth of your business but can also lead to losing competitiveness in the market.

To learn more, check out the infographic below from Global Outsourcing.

Should you Outsource your Data Entry Here are 5 Questions to Ask

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