Packing Tips For Your Next Vacation

Packing Tips For Your Next Vacation

This article was written by Ryan Thomas from Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting.

How to pack depends on three things: how far you are going, how long will you be there and who are you going with.

You need to make sure you have all the items you need and none that you don’t. Find out how many pieces of luggage are allowed on your flight, and pack accordingly.

Start packing early; you will be less likely to forget items.

Making a checklist is a good option although not a necessity.

When traveling long distances, Ziploc bags can be your best friend. Pack all liquids in plastic bags. The last thing you want is to open your suitcase and find shampoo spilled over all your clothing. Clothing or other fragile items can also be put into Ziploc bags. It will save space and protect the item.

Carry-On Bag

It is easier put all liquids in your checked suitcase due to the increased regulations for liquids in carry-ons. If you do need a few travel-size amenities in your carry-on, make sure they are under 100 ml or 3.4 oz. Place them in a one-quart Ziploc bag. You can bring snacks with you to alleviate boredom on the flight. Also, a book or crossword helps too. You cannot bring anything sharp or any full-sized liquids in your carry-on.

It is a good idea to put at least one full change of clothing in your carry-on just in case your luggage goes missing. Also, any medicine, electronics, personal documents or important items should be placed in your carry-on for security and protection. Carry-on suitcases can also be used for heavy items that would tip your checked bag over the allowed weight limit.

 Checked Luggage

Think about where you are going. If it is a tropical holiday, take things like sunscreen and bug spray. You can buy those items there, but they are usually more expensive. Plus, you don’t always know when you will have time to go to the store.

If during your holiday you’ll be in the ocean, snorkeling, kayaking or deep sea fishing, learn where the best fishing charters and tours are.

Don’t forget essentials like deodorant, razors, and toothpaste and a toothbrush.

Pack the most important items first. This way you know you have them. If you are using a checklist, don’t forget to check things off the list.

Clothing can be trickier. Shoes weigh down your suitcase and use up a lot of valuable space. Try to take shoes, coats or other bulky items that match several outfits.

Also, bring multiple tops that can be worn with a few bottoms. This reduces the number of clothes you need without reducing the number of outfits you can wear. Planning each outfit, or two, for each day is the best course.

Eliminate anything you are not sure of. Don’t forget socks and underwear.

Other Tips

• Bring a bag for your dirty clothes.
• Rolling your clothing saves a lot of space and reduce wrinkles.
• Save room for souvenirs or presents you might bring back.
• Wear your heaviest pair of shoes on the plane.
• Pack jewelry or small items in your shoes.

Now you are all set. Enjoy yourself and have fun!

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