Where would we all be if we weren’t passionate about what we do, the people around us, and life in general?

Not far, I’d say. A life without passion is a miserable life. It’s just a daily struggle, with a sense of boredom and mediocrity.

Everyone deserves to find his passion, to do what he loves and to be his best version this way. But not everyone believes in the existence of passion, many people haven’t defined it, or don’t know what steps to take to follow it.
Others don’t believe it can be turned into a career.

That’s why I write about passion. To make stuff like that clear, to share how I feel about it, and to inspire you to find and follow yours.

Here are the best posts on it from the blog:

Finding What You’re Passionate About

Finding The 1 Thing You Were Born to Do – the book where I cover it all, from defining what you’re skilled at and passionate about, to mastering it and finding ways to turn it into your career.

How to Find Your Passion and Start Doing What You Love
That’s where it all begins.

The Passion Test: Have You Found Your True Calling Yet
I came up with a short test that can help you find your passion in life.

The Real Face of Passion and How It Can Change Your Life
Many people are looking in the wrong direction when trying to find out what their passion is. Check out this post to see what to do when you don’t have a thing you love doing and to be able to recognize it when it shows up.

The Importance of Knowing What We Want
The problem is that we don’t really know what we truly want in life because of our countless desires. But we can sit down and be honest with ourselves this one time in order to define our ideal lifestyle.
That’s how you recognize your passion and can do something about making it a permanent part of your life.

Find The Why That Makes You Cry
Your truest desire must be so strong that it should make you cry. That’s how you find out what you’re deeply passionate about.

Questions to Ask Yourself to Discover Your Passion in Life
Analyzing yourself is a powerful way to find out your deepest desires.

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Inspiration to Do What You Love

Why Today is The Best Time to Be Whoever You Want to Be
Here I reveal the countless possibilities in today’s world and how we can actually become anything we want.

How Doing The Right Thing Feels
Here I share with you how I found my true calling, how I feel about it and how it turned my life around.

How 15 Successful People Describe Passion
That post can motivate you to find yours and follow it too.
Seeing what some passionate individuals have to say about that after they’ve succeeded is a powerful boost.

How to Become a Hard Worker While Loving What You Do: Part 1 and Part 2
Hard work is an inevitable part of success. But I believe we can do our best if we’re passionate about it.
In these 2 posts I cover the process of defining your purpose, knowing why you do it, going the extra mile, falling in love with your work, and being dedicated.

The Reason You Wake Up
Here I show you how most people don’t really have a reason to wake up, and how knowing what your passion is can become one.

Put Your Heart and Soul Into What You Do
Your work won’t mean anything if you’re not passionate about it, if you don’t pay full attention, dedicate time and energy and enjoy every second.

How to Be Average (And How to Change That)
It’s worth checking out what a life without passion looks like and what you can do about it.

60+ Side Hustles to Make an Extra $1,000 a Month
Grab this FREE EBOOK to see how to start earning on the side while working full-time.


Haven’t found your passion yet? I’ll keep writing about it, but you can always hit me up with a question you have so that I can cover it in a post.

In the Resources section of the blog you can find the books that inspire me to work harder, and the tools and services I use to run the business.