How to Utilize the Effectiveness of Physical Marketing Mediums

How to Utilize the Effectiveness of Physical Marketing Mediums

With the overwhelming popularity of digital marketing, traditional marketing methods involving print and physical channel have a tendency to get overlooked.

Some people think that traditional marketing is just a thing of the past and focus solely on new digital channels.

While digital marketing is, of course, necessary, that should not diminish the importance of traditional marketing channels and print media. Traditional marketing still has a place in modern marketing and should be integrated with your digital strategy for most effective campaigns.

For businesses with a physical location, print marketing is essential, at a minimum for signs and promotional materials, such as pull up banners, inside and outside of the store or office.

Print material can also be important for online businesses to drive traffic to their website.

Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is one of the biggest benefits of traditional marketing.

Seeing repetitive messages consistently over time is an effective way to make your brand stick in the minds of potential customers. The more your brand sticks in their minds, the more likely they are to look you up when they have a need you can fill.

Because brand recognition is so dependent on your visual materials, you have to make sure that all of your print materials properly reflect your brand identity.

This can be done through color, texture, shape, medium or even through unique creative approaches.


Print media and other physical marketing methods give your potential customers something they can touch and hold on to. It’s a lasting reminder of your business that they can keep to reference when needed.

Having something tangible from your business also allows the customer to create a physical connection to you, which is something they can’t do with digital marketing methods.

When choosing what type of print media or physical marketing materials best represent your brand, the most effective items are often practical, creative or a combination of the two.

A practical item, such as a pen or a mug, works well because it’s something the customer will use regularly and will therefore act as a constant reminder of your business.

A creative item or campaign is effective because it allows your brand to stand out in the mind of the customer compared to competitors.


Traditional print marketing not only has benefits, but it is also necessary in many cases. Businesses can’t get by relying on just digital marketing alone. There are certain cases where digital marketing doesn’t have the right reach that print does.

One of these cases is in store promotions.

Promotions need to be printed to display around a store to identify products, features, specials and sales to the customers. Signs also need to be displayed in the windows and on the store front so customers know where they are.

Outdoor or experiential marketing and advertising is another case where traditional marketing will remain relevant.

Ads are still displayed on billboards and at public transportation stops. These are crucial touch points where businesses can reach their customers that are outside of the realm of digital marketing.

There are also certain customer segments that you will miss out on if you only market through online channels.

It’s important to reach your customers, wherever they may be, and sometimes that isn’t online, despite high internet usage.

There are certain age groups and demographics that are more likely to see your messaging in the mail, in a newspaper or on tv. If you only focus on digital marketing you will be missing out on potential customers.

Traditional marketing methods are both relevant and essential, despite the popularity of digital marketing. While more of your marketing activities may move to the online space, it’s important to develop a strategy that still includes crucial physical touchpoints.

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