Hey, I’m Lidiya, a professional freelance writer in the fields of personal, spiritual and business growth with more than 7 years of experience.


lidiya k portfolioWould love to help you out with content creation!

I’m an author, blogger, lifestyle designer and creator of Let’s Reach Success. I’m based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, but operate globally. I’ve been featured in TIME magazine, have published more than 1500 articles here on this blog, self-published more than 10 books, and do have a love for the craft like few others. Here’s my story.

My Freelance Writing Services Include:

  • ghostwriting;
  • article writing;
  • book writing (non-fiction);
  • business writing;
  • SEO writing – if you’ve got a keyword (or more specific requirements) in mind, I can easily optimize the article for search engines;
  • blogging;
  • re-writing existing content;
  • travel writing;
  • creating reports, checklists and all kinds of downloads and freebies that you can offer to your subscribers;
  • for each article I do a research, outline it, write and edit it, optimize while keeping it natural, and proofread it;
  • writing reports and eBooks (non-fiction);
  • book summaries;
  • reviews and sponsored posts;
  • WordPress articles – I’ve been working with WordPress since I can remember. If that’s the CMS of your choice too and you want to see articles in your dashboard that are ready for publishing, then I can handle anything from outlining and writing the piece, to putting it into WordPress, optimizing it, adding images, quotes and external links, etc.

I’ve been featured in:

 letsreachsuccess.com featured on time magazine, lifehack and more

Ready to work with me already?

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Online Portfolio and Writing Samples

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Freelance Writing FAQ

1. What if I don’t have any specific keywords, titles or even a topic, but still need content?

That’s okay. I would gladly offer ideas, make an outline, and get creative according to your goals.

2. Do you optimize for SE?

Yes, in the most natural way possible. But if you want to include more keywords, or have some other specific requirements, let me know and I’ll do it your way.

3. Do you charge an hourly rate?

No. Every job takes different time. And things like the amount of research needed, the effort I’ll have to put it, the guidelines you give me, and the deadline are why I prefer to charge by the project.

4. Is your ghostwriting service confidential?

Absolutely! My name won’t appear anywhere.

5. Do I need to make a long-term commitment?

No. It can be a one-time job and as little as a short article. Or we can work together for weeks or months if things are going well.

6. What if I want to promote a product/service but don’t have a platform?

You can use my blog (if it’s related to the topics I cover) by letting me write an article on what you’re offering. You can provide the content yourself and just let me publish it here too. Stop by the advertisers’ page to learn more.