Looking for a passionate writer, who can use his own voice to spread your message? Or for someone to meet all your writing criteria and deliver the content you need in no time?

I can do both.

My name is Lidiya and I’m a freelance writer, blogger and ghostwriter. I can help you create high-quality content for your blog, site and business, or write a report or an eBook for you.

I’ve been writing and blogging professionally for 5 years now. I’ve been published on TIME magazine and contributed to many big sites in the self-help niche. More on press releases below.

I’m the creator of Let’s Reach Success and the author of a few non-fiction books.

Ready to work with me already?
Email me at lidiya@letsreachsuccess.com

Here’s what I can offer:

  • content of any length;
  • for each article I do a research, outline it, write and edit it, optimize while keeping it natural, and proofread it;
  • writing reports and eBooks (non-fiction);
  • book summaries;
  • reviews and sponsored posts;
  • sponsored posts, published here on the blog.

The best portfolio, of course, is my blog. So check out some of the best content to see how I write.

Freelance Writing FAQ

1. What if I don’t have any specific keywords, titles or even a topic, but still need content?

That’s okay. I would gladly offer ideas, make an outline, and get creative according to your goals.

2. Do you optimize for SE?

Yes, in the most natural way possible. But if you want to include more keywords, or have some other specific requirements, let me know and I’ll do it your way.

3. Do you charge an hourly rate?

No. Every job takes different time. And things like the amount of research needed, the effort I’ll have to put it, the guidelines you give me, and the deadline are why I prefer to charge by project.

4. Is your ghostwriting service confidential?

Absolutely! My name won’t appear anywhere.

5. Do I need to make a long-term commitment?

No. It can be a one-time job and as little as a short article. Or we can work together for weeks or months if things are going well.

6. What if I want to promote a product/service but don’t have a platform?

You can use my blog (if it’s related to the topics I cover) by letting me write an article on what you’re offering. You can provide the content yourself and just let me publish it here too. Stop by the advertisers’ page to learn more.


Here’s what I’ve written for other sites:


TIME magazine
10 Things Successful People Do Before Going to Sleep

pickthebrain lidiya k

Pick The Brain
14 Things to Keep in Mind When Feeling Hopeless

lifehack lidiya k

Why Becoming Self-Employed is The Answer

belimitless lidiya k

Be Limitless
The 8 Best Risks to Take to See What Life is All About

addicted2success lidiya k

9 Things That Stop You from Achieving Your Goals

time management ninja lidiya k

Time Management Ninja
Why We Don’t Get Things Done?

dumblittleman lidiya k

Dumb Little Man
How to Embrace Losing to Find Out What Really Matters

getmotivation lidiya k

Get Motivation
The 8 Principles of Success

Got any questions?

Let me know and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Want more details?

I’m from Bulgaria and English is my second language. If you don’t feel comfortable with that and are looking only for native English speakers, that’s alright.


I have a degree in Marketing. I haven’t studied writing, journalism or anything related to these professionally.
And although I’m all about self-education and let my work speak for myself, you’ll have to look somewhere else if that doesn’t answer your criteria.


Even when traveling and living in other places for a while, I’m still in Europe. So I hope the time zone difference won’t be a problem for you.


Download my contact information here.