How to Prepare Your Home for Halloween

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Halloween’s right around the corner. So you know that hordes of trick-or-treaters will be coming up to your doorstep and holding out their buckets and bags, eager for you to shower them with delicious candy.

This also means that you have to get right on top of decorating your home for the season. Otherwise, the costumed little tykes may not even stop by your house at all, thinking that you’re either out of the country or aren’t even celebrating the holiday.

To ensure that your Halloween home will be the one that your spooky solicitors won’t ever forget, here are some tips to prepare your home for Halloween.

Decorate every plain-looking wall or surface with something Halloween-related.

When it comes to decorating your home for Halloween, remember that it’s always better to go all-out rather than go subtle. After all, you want things to look interesting and exciting, not boring or placid.

For starters, use the office décor made by for Halloween to immediately make those boring, empty spaces feel a bit more lively and fun to look at.

Feel free to replace vases with jack-o-lanterns or spooky action figures. Go crazy with what you have. The more cluttered-looking, the better!

Hang up or prop up skeletons in key spots, but make sure they’re well secured.

Another quintessential Halloween decoration is the human skeleton.

Whether you’re only using skulls, the upper torso, or the entire thing, always make sure that they’re properly secured to wherever they’re positioned.

This is because fake skeletons, even if they’re made out of hollow or plastic material, can fall on top of an erstwhile trick-or-treater and cause injuries.

Either tie them down with durable fishing line or twisty-ties to prevent this from happening. Thick hemp rope can also do the trick, and add a bit more to the skeleton’s look as well.

Have your sound system pipe spooky music and sound effects throughout the house.

No Halloween home is complete without spooky songs and sound effects emanating from every corner.

Either use your own home audio system to deliver the audio, or grab some Bluetooth speakers and position them in strategic locations around the house for some added sound FX to your decorations.

One example of the latter is having a Bluetooth speaker being buried amidst your skeleton display, with it playing either cackling laughter or teeth-chattering noises on loop.

Keep the lights dim but not too dark.

No Halloween-ready home is brightly lit and cheerful, that’s just undermining all the hard work you went through to make things look sufficiently creepy!

Instead, turn down the lights as far as they can go, and then use either electronic candles or soft-light lamps to illuminate the place. This’ll give your home that dimly-lit, haunted-house ambience without making it unsafe for visitors.

For an added bonus, decorate a darkened area of the house and have brave and daring trick-or-treaters explore it for a hidden stash of treasure (with candy being the obvious choice), while equipped with nothing more than flashlights.

Just make sure that there’s nothing that they can bump into or trip on, and that the flashlights are bright enough to provide enough illumination.

Also, remember to refresh the treasure cache after every visit!

Use a fog machine.

For the ultimate in Halloween decoration, consider using a fog machine to create a dense layer of fog in your home.

This will result in your decorations looking a lot more convincing and ethereal, especially if the fog machine is kept out of sight.

With that said, if you can’t wrangle a fog machine at the last minute, try not to use dry ice, as the condensation it causes can wreak havoc on your furnishings.


Don’t get upstaged by your neighbors and friends when it comes to making your home Halloween-ready.

By taking our above-listed tips in mind, you’re sure to be the talk of the town—or at least, your block—long after Halloween’s over and done with. Just be sure not to skip on the Halloween candy and treats, as you don’t want to be “that house” that looked totally awesome but was stingy with the good stuff!

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