Productivity is the measure of your efficiency.

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For some people it may take hours to finish a task, while others will get it done in no time. Some keep themselves busy for 8 hours in the office every workday, but are rarely making the most of that time and feeling accomplished in the end. At the same time, others can finish a whole set of tasks in 2-4 hours without feeling exhausted, and can still have time to work on many other projects, relax, meet with friends, and do anything else they want to.

So the latter must be doing something differently to get all these results. Because they are the type of people we call productive.

I’ve been analyzing such people’s behavior, habits and mindset for a long time now, and have slowly been turning into one of them.

I’m much more productive now and see progress quickly. I get things done without thinking too much, I do more in less time, focus more easily, don’t get distracted and don’t spend time doing activities that don’t bring me the results I desire.

This book consists of the best habits, techniques, tips and hacks productive people have made part of their daily life. All the things you’ll read about are simple, but it takes some time, patience, effort and dedication to get to the point where you’ll be a better, more productive version of yourself.

It can be learned quickly, too. It’s all up to you.

First of all, however, you need to be willing to change, and to be ready to give something (your valuable time, energy and to also stop doing some things) in return for the better life you’ll have.

If you think you are, then nothing else is stopping you from turning your life around and finally beating procrastination and taking action. Here you’ll find all the information you need, with practical steps to take, advice on things to do and things not to do, together with motivation boost and the smart techniques you can learn.

Table of Contents

Productivity Hacks

5 Ways to Trick Your Mind into Being More Productive
10 Questions to Help You Double Your Productivity
Dealing with Procrastination
Prioritizing: The Magic of Focusing on What’s Important
Tracking: The Benefits of Getting Things Measured

Productivity Habits

22 Lazy Habits to Stop Doing
6 Quick Things You Can Do Right Now to Declutter Your Life
Morning Pages and Productivity
How to Eliminate Distractions
How to Add 2 More Hours of Productive Work to Your Day with One Habit
How to Use Your Free Time to Level Up in Life
How Letting Go Saves You from Procrastination

Productivity Myths

The Myth of Productivity Limits

Productivity Mistakes

6 Things We Do That Sabotage Our Productivity
Procrastination Habits

So if you’re ready to remove procrastination from your life today and start getting things done, this book is for you.



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