Productivity is one of the key factors for success in life, and one of the topics I focus on here on the blog.

There are smarter, faster and better ways to do what we do, there are things to concentrate on and do more of, and others to eliminate.

Check out the articles on how to hack your productivity, get things done in less time, master some new techniques and see how others are doing it successfully.

Reclaiming Your Time:

How to Have More Time: 12 Questions to Help You Double Your Productivity
There are things you’re currently dedicating a lot of your time to that are non-productive, and there are others you should prioritize on. Check them out.

How to Add 2 More Hours of Productive Work to Your Day
In this post, I share with you the simplest way you can do that.
By the way, that’s 700 extra hours per year. Imagine how much more you can achieve with that time on your hands.

The Power of Prioritizing
One of the most powerful principles of time management is to focus only on what’s important and remove everything else. Here I show you how to do that.

Practical Ways to Save Time by Doing Less
Less is usually more. That applies to getting things done too.

Why We Should Measure The Time We Have Left
That’s a more philosophical article that helps you see the big picture of how much time you have left and thus make you start using it more wisely.

Productivity Mistakes
Sometimes we ourselves are sabotaging our progress. Check out 6 such mistakes you may be doing and how to fix them.

60+ Side Hustles to Make an Extra $1,000 a Month
Grab this FREE EBOOK to see how to start earning on the side while working full-time.

Productivity Hacks:

Productivity Hacks, Habits, Myths and Mistakes – my book covering all that I’ve learned about hacking productivity and getting things done faster and better.

Smart and Unusual Techniques
Check out 15 things some successful people I admire do that give them maximum results.

7 Ways to Find Focus in Daily Life and Achieve More
Often it’s our inability to focus on what we’re doing that prevents us from getting it done. See what you can do about it.

Create a Not To-Do List
That’s a simple and unusual habit we can develop to increase productivity. It appears to be as useful as our to-do list.

Create The Perfect Morning Routine to Get Things Done
How you decide to spend the first hour of your day affects your performance and productivity. So why don’t you have a ritual to follow that will help you kickstart the day from the early morning?!


How to Kill Procrastination One Excuse at a Time – in this practical guide I discuss where procrastination comes from and how to fix these deeper issues once we define them.

10 Common Traits of Procrastinators
People who procrastinate are similar in their habits and way of thinking. And if you become aware of what they do, you can easily avoid it and thus be more productive.

How to Win The Battle with Procrastination
Check out some hacks on how to beat it once and for all.

Beating Procrastination The Zen Way
See how letting go may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

22 Lazy Habits to Stop Doing
Too often do we choose to indulge in unproductive behaviors just to put off what needs to get done for later. Check out the most common lazy habits we share that sabotage our productivity.

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Building Discipline:

How to Become a Progress Fanatic
I’m a big believer of continual improvement and am sure we can all achieve more daily.
Here’s a quick guide on how to turn progress into a habit and see results all the time.

What is Discipline and How to Get It
Here I reveal the real face of discipline and why it’s so important.

The Right Questions to Ask Yourself Daily to Exceed in Life
Such self-analysis can help you define what you’re doing wrong and what changes to make today in order to become more productive and successful.

The Habit of Consistency
Here I make discipline simple by explaining why we don’t stay consistent most of the time and giving ideas on how to be more disciplined from now on.

How to Level Up in The Game of Life
Using one productivity game, I share with you ways to challenge yourself and achieve more in daily life.

Quotes on Discipline to Motivate You to Take Action
Here’s some discipline inspiration for weak moments.

Going The Extra Mile
Success is the result of refusing to have average results and working harder than everyone else. See how to make that a habit by going the extra mile.

How I Stay Productive:

7 Things I’m Tracking Daily
In this post I talk about the power of tracking everything you do so that you can analyze it, go back to it when you need, see what can be eliminated, and follow your progress.

My Tools and Resources

We all need some help. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources and tools, both free and paid, to help us get things done and save time.


I’ll keep collecting productivity hacks and trying new things to get more done, and then writing about it. But if you have something in mind and want to read more about productivity on the blog, let me know.