What You Should Know About Progressive Tooling

What You Should Know About Progressive Tooling

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There is a constant need of change in the industry, and manufacturers are always on their toes to provide the best services to their clients.

Gone are the days when some adjustments were okay and a little compromise on quality was considered to be a norm. We live in the times when perfection is expected of the manufacturers, and this is what progressive tooling is all about as well.

Progressive tooling is used to manufacture an extensive range of parts. As the name suggests, multiple tools are used in this process to design the metal strip into complex forms. The tools work in sync and progressively manufacture the part.

Here are some of the top benefits of progressive tool and manufacturing:

1. Speed in production.

Industries reliant on the progressive tooling also need great speed in their work. Well, this is possible with the progressive tool.

Different die stations are used to constantly feed the raw material. This possibility helps in creating more parts in a comparatively short amount of time.

When this approach is compared to the traditional approach, the end results are faster and there is more speed in production. Progressive tool and die stamping helps in providing the lowest cycle times and is a preferred option when there are higher volume needs.

2. Less waste.

The benefit of this approach is that a good design of progressive tool and die helps in using the maximum utilization of input raw material.

So progressive tooling and manufacturing have proved to be the most cost-effective solution when it comes to manufacturing parts. This helps in less waste material and increased cost savings in the long run. As one single die operation helps in achieving all required geometrics of a part, the final result is less scrap material.

3. Easy setup.

The setup time with progressive tooling is much lesser when compared to the traditional approach. The benefit here is that various stages of stamping can be achieved in one operation and this results in the easy setup as well. This reduction of time in setup and overall processing also helps in making every part cost effective.

4. These helps in longer runs.

With the help of progressive tooling the stamping can also be carried out for a long run. This is only possible because there is a continuous material feed being done in this process.

When it comes to metal stamping projects, when there are longer gaps in material changes and tooling gaps, the parts can be produced in a much shorter time.

5. Economic in the long run.

This is what the companies want these days. The manufacturers only want to get the best in the most economical approach. They want to invest less and get more from their time and efforts.

Progressive tooling helps the metal stamping companies provide economic results in the long run. The benefits of progressive tooling exceed the ease and effectiveness in stamping, and it helps companies achieve their target in affordable budget.

6. Good choice in high volume.

If there is a high-volume requirement, there is no point in constantly changing the dies, and making changes to the machines. This is possible with the progressive tool and dies only.

Usually, the approach is used for medium and small parts where there is no need to make constant changes. Industries are successful in manufacturing highly efficient parts with the progressive tooling.

7. A practical approach for many industries.

Industries such as automotive, defense, electrical, electronics, and so on, largely benefit from this approach. Robust parts for the above-mentioned industries are produced in an effective manner. As more parts can be made in shorter times, it helps these industries with their production goals as well.

Eigen: Your best choice for progressive tooling.

Eigen engineering believes in always being consistent in efforts of being the best. From the last two decades, the company has worked really hard to match up with client expectations and in most cases exceed it. Hard work and dedicated efforts in the right channel has helped Eigen reach at this position in the market.

The company has an in-house tool room with experienced and creative experts constantly working to bring out the best results. Eigen also focuses on the R&D part, and as a result comes up with the most efficient products that help in achieving the best results for clients. Eigen has been successful in designing more than 1000 tools and the list is still far from complete. Regardless of the size and complexities of project, Eigen is always willing to take it up. So clients need to just contact the company and these professionals will take it up from there.

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