7 Promises to Make Yourself Before The Start of The New Year

Promises to Make Yourself Before The Start of The New Year - letsreachsuccess.com

This is a guest post by Greg Davidson.

When you look back and track your steps, right from the first day of this year, you may find out that there are so many things you did that might have been pleasing or not pleasing to you, and to other people as well.

And as the New Year approaches, I am sure that your mind is restlessly whirling with resolutions that you may want to implement in the coming year.

But this might not be that easy if you have no promises to make to yourself. To help out with this, some of these include:

1. I will take care of my body.

Taking care of your body covers many aspects of your lifestyle.

It starts right from healthy eating, exercises and a healthy sexual life.

The most challenging part of it all is when you promise yourself a healthy diet. It means that you will have to do away, or have less of the junk and fatty foods you are used to. This will force you to visit the grocery store regularly for vegetables and take morning or evening jogs regularly.

2. I will not allow people to mistreat me.

It doesn’t matter where I come from, what my background is, what my race or religion is, I will NOT allow anyone to undermine or mistreat me!!

I will stand for my personality and expect people to treat me with dignity. I will equally treat them better.

This is what you ought to promise yourself, so as to enhance and strengthen your relationships with people around you.

3. I will make an effort to increase my knowledge and have every tip of the current affairs.

I will increase my knowledge in all aspects of life, right from academic work, social, religious, economic just but a few to mention.

I will do this through whatever means I find favourable; be it watching, reading, travelling or visiting people in person.

I will ensure that when that New Year ends, I will be like a walking google.

4. I will have healthy and lasting relationships.

I will not follow ladies around hopelessly. I will look for a beautiful girl and start a healthy relationship that is meant to last.

I will not cheat on her like others do. I will respect her and give her my all. This will call for a lot of sacrifice and commitment from you, as building a lasting relationship is never easy.

5. I will stop gambling.

Although gambling is so addictive, I will make an effort to stop it. It will not be easy to stop abruptly, but I will take it slow until it happens. I will use all means, even if it means to drop all my gambling friends. This statement also describes at travel blog.

6. I will avoid bad company and let bad friends go.

If you don’t add value to my life, then be aware that you will not be a part of my life when the New Year comes.

Bad company ruins good morals, so if you would like to uphold your morals, then avoid bad company at all costs.

Avoiding these friends by not texting them or talking to them will do you a big favour in achieving this.

7. I promise to give back to the society.

There are many people out there going days and nights without meals. Yet, I eat and throw away. I will ensure that I give some donations to such kind of people, especially the orphaned children in the orphanages.

I will not see people suffering as I enjoy. This is the best promise you can ever make before the end of the year. It shows your humility and kindness towards the society.

These are the promises that you can make to yourself before the end of the year.

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