The 5 Pros and Cons of Using Essay Writing Services

The 5 Pros and Cons of Using Essay Writing Services

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When it comes to essay writing services, there are those that offer their services cheaply and those that charge high prices for custom sample papers.

Students looking for the best papers for their academic assignments have to choose between these two options. With many preferring the services with the highest rates as there is a misconception that these are the best when it comes to essays.

However, when a company charges affordable rates for their papers such as, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they offer poor-quality work.

It is true that there are a lot of cheats online who are looking to make some quick cash from unsuspecting students. But there are some genuine services who are only interested in delivering top-quality papers to their clients. These services, however, are not without fault and they come with their own set of challenges. In this piece, we highlight the pros and cons of cheap essay writing services.

The Pros of Essay Writing Services

These are some advantages of getting your papers from affordable writing services.

1. You don’t pay too much for your paper.

Students usually don’t have a lot of disposable income. When they rely on such services, they can get quality essays without having to pay too much. They are, therefore, able to save a lot of money which they can channel to other activities such as paying for their dorms and acquiring project materials.

The quality of essays offered by different writing services is more or less the same. So wise students will first consider the cheap companies like for academic help.

Such students understand that customer reviews and testimonials are the best yardsticks when determining the effectiveness of a writing company and not the rates charged by the companies. They would go through each and every testimonial posted by past clients when deciding the best writing service for their essays.

2. You deal with experts.

When you need help with your ‘write my essay’ request and you need it fast, cheap writing services are the best since you will be dealing with experts.

Most of these online services are not in the essay writing business to make money. Their main objective is to help students with their assignments.

They hire experts in different disciplines to handle the assignments and this results in top quality papers delivered in a short period of time. Impressive isn’t it?

3. You don’t pay for the name.

Most of the companies that charge exorbitant fees for custom papers do so because they believe that they are the best around. They are basically selling their name, and this is exploitation plain and simple.

They may have worked their asses off to build their reputation. But charging poor students exorbitant fees simply because they have a good name in the market is absurd.

Students are after quality sample papers that they can use as guides to get good grades. When they work with credible writing companies like, they get quality papers at an affordable rate without paying for the name.

The Cons of Essay Writing Services

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Here are some disadvantages of working with essay writing services.

4. You have to do a lot of research to ensure you are not duped.

Most of the companies purporting to offer essay writing services are petty cons who are looking to make money from unsuspecting students. In fact, some services don’t even research on the students’ assignment when writing them. They instead copy paste material from online resources and submit plagiarized content to their clients.

Students are penalized when they submit such content and they end up failing their classes. To prevent this from happening, students are advised to only work with reputable essay writing companies, but such companies are usually not cheap. Those who are not able to afford such services are forced to rely on cheap services, and this exposes them to fraud to online cons.

To make sure they do not fall victim to online frauds, students are required to carry out extensive research so as to identify credible essay writing services. This consumes a lot of time and energy since they have to check reviews to determine whether a service is genuine or not.

5. You will work with non-native speakers.

Most cheap services hire non-native speakers as their writers. Non-native speakers struggle to write flawless pieces. When you use their services, you may end up submitting papers full of grammatical and syntax errors.

You have to be careful when picking a writing service for your papers. The above-mentioned points highlight the advantages and disadvantages of working with cheap writing services, and you can use them the next time you need a helper for your essays.

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