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I started using Amazon Associates a few years back as a means to add another income stream from my blogging. I proceeded to set up an Account with intending to maximize the earnings from the blog.

The Problem with Amazon

As you may know, the issue with Amazon is that it has storefronts that are domiciled and specifically tailored to serve a particular country or demography. 

So if an internet user, say from the US, was to stumble on an Amazon ad who’s embedded URL is linked to the domain, he or she would be taken directly to that domain irrespective of his geo-location.

This is detrimental because it would have made more sense for such a user to be redirected to the Amazon store peculiar to his home country in (this case

As a result, although I was driving considerably large amount of web traffic, it wasn’t translating to commensurate commission, it was easy to deduce why.

Given that I ran an international blog on health and close to 42% of my visitors were international guests, most of the users who clicked on my Amazon affiliate links were redirected to the without regard to their demography.

This meant that most of them ended up forfeiting the purchase entirely, or in the instance where they were patient enough retraced their steps back to their home country’s Amazon store in which case I didn’t get any commission at all.

I proceeded to create affiliate accounts with all the Amazon country-specific stores and displayed each URL in association with my Affiliate ads.

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This was, however, impractical as not only did it make my site looks cumbersome, I noticed that the clicks from the links depreciated considerably, probably because most users didn’t have the time nor patience to go about manually sifting through links.

I had to get a better solution.

The Solution

A friend of mine introduced me to certain tools for localizing Amazon Affiliate Links. But after further research and reviews pointed out that such services were inefficient and undependable, I was quite skeptical.

However, during one of my routine searches, I came across a service, Prourls that had considerably fairer and nicer reviews.

Since the service was just starting out, I decided to give it a try.

What the guys at Prourls did basically, was to create an online tool that generates a unified shortened Amazon Affiliate URL that functions to automatically redirect a web user to the particular Amazon store related to his/her geolocation.

To get started, I had to sign up for the service, which required inputting all affiliate id’s I had created for country-specific Amazon stores. This felt invasive at first, but I was soon to discover that it was worth the hassle.

The next step was to generate the actual Affiliate links for the products I wished to advertise, which I did with relative ease.

Within the first month of using Prourls Service the revenue, I derived from Amazon Associate commissions (from all the stores) went up by almost 15%.

At first, I thought this is pure beginners luck. But a closer look at my stats from the Prourls portal showed that more clicks were being converted to purchases, indicating that users were beginning to find themselves at home (pun intended) with my geotargeted links.

Within the next few months, the revenue accrued from my Amazon Affiliate campaign underwent a transformation from mediocre to phenomenal.

The feature of a portal where you can actively track your click stats coupled its minimalist design make for a pleasant and easy to use interface that oozes of convenience.

Did I mention that this service is also free? Hard to imagine, right?

This and the fact that the shortened URLs from Prourls that were integrated into my site had no effect whatsoever on the performance and speed of my blog, meant they had made a lifelong customer out of me.

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