5 Toxic Relationship Habits You Think Are Okay

Ambition is a fantastic fuel for getting things done, but what really sets the achievers apart is matching this ambition with the same level of dedication.

If you regularly find yourself working through your lunch break, closing the laptop long after dark, and collapsing on the sofa exhausted after an epic day’s work, then it’s likely you’ll pride yourself on just these traits.

But working so hard without respite can be damaging in the long run, and even impact on your productivity in the short term. It is far more effective to ensure you’re looking after your mental and physical well-being as you go, and you needn’t spend a fortune to safeguard your sanity.

Keeping relaxed while maintaining your productivity mostly involves making some small tweaks to ensure that you’re attentive to the little things in life while you strive towards the big picture.

For example, it’s likely if you recognize the above scenario that you are also a big coffee drinker. Sometimes it feels like there’s nothing like caffeine to push us that extra mile. But rather than automatically picking up a pricey take-out as you stumble to work, taking a more mindful approach to your morning Joe may help you find a better groove.

Get up a few minutes earlier, and take the time to make a proper coffee, maybe even grinding the beans to get that sensual engagement before you start.

The smell of a good coffee can reduce your stress hormones. And you’re more likely to feel the effect of each cup if you really take your time over it. Invest your care, and not your hard-earned cash, in that morning coffee.

Likewise, those supermarket sandwiches and fast food burgers are killing your lunch break and draining your pockets. Arrive at work with your own lunch already prepared, and you can use the time you’d usually be queuing to go for a walk in the park or do some stretches.

Taking advantage of this opportunity to get some sunlight exposure will cheer you up and also help regulate your body clock. That means better sleep, better morale, better productivity – and a few bucks saved.

When the time comes to leave the office at the end of the day, you may feel pretty exhausted, but walking home in the fresh air can actually re-energize you and set your mind towards a nice, relaxing evening.

Exercise is known to be good for stress levels and to work against depression. And guess what? You just saved your train fare home.

Your head is clear and you can actually value your free time rather than going around in circles about the work you’ve yet to complete.

These are just some glimpses into the little tweaks you can make to get through the day intact without breaking the bank, but the infographic below compiles a whopping 50 such solutions into a single guide.

Take a look at it without delay, and you’ll soon pick up on the changes you can make to get back in control of your stress throughout the working week.

What other ways to relax without spending money do you know of?

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This is a guest post by Marilyn, a freelance writer and digital nomad currently based in London, England. She writes about the intersection between lifestyle and business, focusing on personal growth, productivity techniques and the importance of work/life balance.

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