Long before you start earning and spending money, there’s a period where you need to save for some time so that you can make your next goals a reality and get things going.

Most people, however, skip that part. But even the successful entrepreneurs of today have started this way – by cutting their expenses to the bare minimum and living frugally for some time. During that phase of their lives, they were either hustling on a side project, working their regular job and brainstorming ideas on how to start a business, or saving enough to be able to quit their job, move elsewhere or just travel the world for some time.

Whatever your vision is, knowing how to save money, and doing it this season, is essential.

It’s what can help you sleep well at night knowing you’ve got some savings, it’s what makes you more confident when taking decisions for the future, it’s what makes it possible to invest, start a business, or make a big purchase.

So, here’s a roundup with some quality, evergreen articles on how to save money and keep your finances on track:

1. How Mindfulness Can Make This Year a Positive One for Your Finances

Mindfulness is an important attitude towards life and it affects all areas. It’s about being aware of everything going on, being present and taking decisions with a clear mind, and keeping track and analyzing the results.

You can use this to improve your finances too. In this article on mindfulness and money management, you’ll learn how to be in control of your spending, the role of emotions and how they influence our relationship with money, and how a clear perspective is necessary when investing.

Read the article here.

2. 5 Reasons Why Planning a Budget Is Worth It

Most people have no idea where their money is going, and it’s no wonder that they can’t manage their finances and aren’t happy with their financial situation in the end of the month.

Rule #1 of money management is about having a budget. Check out this post to see what the benefits are and how to go about it.

3. 9 Tips on How to Be Financially-Efficient

In this post, I’ve gathered some life lessons from a guy I admire on things like putting value over price, how to retire young, how money management and time management are similar, saving more, and getting familiar with the 3 main financial models.

I believe there’s a ton of wisdom and practical advice in it, so check it out.

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4. How to Save Money When Traveling

Traveling doesn’t need to be expensive, or something you can afford only once a year. There are the so-called travel hacks that can help you find cheap flights, cut expenses on the road, and find money-saving opportunities.

This article shows you not only this, but also how to add to your experience when traveling abroad.

5. How To Save Money Each Month

It’s important not just to save, but to make sure you do it every month. And that can happen by calculating how much you need to save and where to put it.

This article provides not just that, but also an actual month-by-month breakdown for the year to help you do the same for your financial situation.

6. Living on a Budget? Here Are Some Smart Ways to Save

Most of our expenses are in daily life, and they happen unconsciously. But there are little things you can do and habits you can tweak to change that, and actually start saving every day.

Read the article here.

7. The Cheapskate Guide: 50 Tips for Frugal Living

Another fantastic way to save money is to live a minimalist lifestyle. Meaning, to be present and put experiences over material possessions, to be happy with less knowing it’s actually what gives you more, to say ‘no’ to the countless unnecessary desires, to stop following trends and buying stuff unconsciously.

In this guide, Leo from Zen Habits gives practical ideas on how to live more frugally, from owning a smaller house, selling what we don’t use, preferring to be outside more and other forms of cheap and more enjoyable entertainment, and more.

8. 50 Ways to Relax Without Spending Money

We wrongly assume that we need to spend a lot of money for entertainment, when relaxing, or when having some free time and have nothing else to do. But things like that break our bank in the long run.

In this post, you’ll find an infographic presenting 50 ways you can enjoy your day and free time, without getting stressed or spending money.

9. 6 Money-Saving Secrets From Tony Robbins, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos

One of the best ways to learn new skills in life (money management being one of them) is to listen to the big names in the industry, who’ve already achieved what you’re after.

Here are 3 such successful entrepreneurs, and their formulas for success in life, and tips for saving money.

10. How To Trick Yourself Into Saving More Money This Year

And here’s a video, where Tony Robbins shares that automating your money might be your most important financial decision ever. Watch it to learn more about this technique from the financial guru himself.

What about you? How serious are you about saving money, and what special tips can you share?

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