6 Tips To Save On Your NYC Travel

6 Tips To Save On Your NYC Travel

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For decades, New York City has been a major hub for art, theatre, fashion, global finance and food drawing people from all across the world. It’s the liveliest city on planet; a city that never sleeps and always exudes a unique charm with attractions as varied as the iconic skyline, towering skyscrapers, beautiful parks, monuments, etc.

A melting pot of cultures, ethnicities and tastes, it’s also among the priciest destinations in the world. Not only is it expensive to live here, but also to travel.

Nonetheless, there are plenty of things to do and see on a budget. It can be an attractive place for travelers on a tight budget, offering them plenty of free activities and ways to save money on their NYC travel.

Here are 6 tips to save on your NYC travel:

1. Purchase a tourist pass

There is an entry or admission fee to get into most attractions, or at least for the major ones. Obviously, you would want to save on that, and the best way to save is a New York Pass or CityPass. These passes come with one fixed price for a selection of top attractions. That way, you save a lot of money and also skip the long queues.

2. Take advantage of free or reduced-admission days

To avoid splurging on your New York sightseeing, you should look for days when entry to attractions are either free or offer a reduced rate. Check museum websites to learn more about these offers. With some hard work, you might find coupons or discounts on those websites to help cut on the cost.

3. Pounce on freebies

If your budget is tight, then jumping on freebie opportunities is definitely a great way to save some money and make the most of exploring NYC. If interested, you need to know the places and sites that are absolutely free to visit. For example, you could enjoy Central Park, the Chelsea High Line and Downtown Boathouse without coughing up any money. There are more places where no charge is levied that you could find and visit them easily. Free activities and offers also vary depending on the season, so be sure to do a quick search before your trip.

4. Avoid taxis and enjoy subway rides

Taxis are costly and they are prone to getting stuck in nerve-jangling traffic. Subway passes are the best way to explore and enjoy NYC for cheap for those on a longer trip to the city. Further, although large, the city is easily walkable and you could give it a try if the weather cooperates. You could also bike around the scenic and bike-friendly paths and enjoy the city on a low budget.


5. Look for discounted Broadway tickets

A visit to NYC is not complete without enjoying a Broadway show. Theater tickets can be costly, especially if you happen to be here in peak season. So, check deals on discount websites, or visit the TKTS booth for discounted rates! Great deals can almost always be found for live shows and performances; you just have to look for them.

6. Food, bars & lodging

Stay away from fancy restaurants and avoid the touristy areas for your food, as the prices there are much higher. Rather, find places where locals and students generally eat. You can try tasty street foods to save on the trip. To save money at the bar, go out early, benefit from happy hour prices and avoid crowded tourist areas. And when it comes to accommodation, the only advice is – be open to going further from the city limit to start finding favourable prices and better amenities.

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