The 10 Secrets of Every Successful Writer That You Need to Know


People with a successful writing career follow a number of secrets to achieve their goals.

Therefore, a successful writer breads these secrets in his attempt to meet the market demand of creative writing.

Below are the top ten secrets which writers follow to become successful.

1. Passion.

Writing is a career which demands a high degree of the writer’s dedication. Here the writer needs to love their work wholeheartedly in order to have a good image of what they want to accomplish.

This is the drive of a writer’s success.

2. Purpose.

A writer needs to have strategic objectives that he wants to accomplish.

At any given moment a writer will be required to work towards accomplishing a given goal. He is entitled to follow the motivation factors which lead to the development of the writing career and have a team to accomplish them within a given time frame.

3. Prose.

Success is associated with hard work.

Successful writers are deemed to ensure they work hard in research for the content to include in their work, to ensure they meet the quality intended and completeness of the articles they write to avoid creating suspense on their readers’ minds.

Devotion in work is key to their success.

4. People.

Those who surround every successful writer are crucial to their success.

Therefore,  it’s the role of the writer to ensure they have created an enabling relationship with people who interact with them at all times to make their work easier.

A good relationship will help those people to be his motivators whenever he needs their help. These people are useful in offering support to the writers.

When passion is used to serve the community around, it results to greater success and happiness.

5. Platform.


Creating good relationships with the community around a writer is key to success. Having complete platform, the writer will have the resources necessary to accomplish their desires and those of their community.

6. Pre-promotion.

After writing, it’s essential to give some of the articles to the society to check whether they like them or they need to do some adjustments on them in order to suit the market expectations.

This action is very critical, as if done on time, it can help save resources and time which are the major elements in the development and success of a writer.

This should be done on an unlimited basis as there are numerous changes which take place in the market.

7. Promotion.

Sharing ideas is crucial to the success of a writer. Some research carried by writers is useful for the promotion of the well being of the community.

Under such situations, the writer will boost his relationship with the community and they will focus more on reading his articles to acquainting themselves with the events taking place in their community and the writer will have more clients.

8. Professionalism.

Success of the writers depends on their level of professionalism they put into practice.

It’s recommended for the writers to ensure they use the current technology to gather their materials and to ensure they deliver the best quality possible.

Creativity becomes useful in the development of the writers. A successful writer ensures he maximizes his talents in writing to meet his expectations and to meet the market needs.

9. Profit.

When one makes profit they are used as capital to finance other writing activities for future work.

Good writers work hard to make profits, which are used as their rewards and they struggle hard to develop their career as writers. This profit is used as the motivating factor.

10. Perseverance.

Sometimes there are barriers which writers encounter as they carry on with their research.

Successful writers need to be very patient as they deal with these obstacles which can kill their dreams.

They need to trust they are capable and they can complete the tasks ahead of them by looking for the optimum solutions to them. They develop strategies which are suitable for a long life search of their best results.

Every successful writer uses these steps to create his profile in the writing arena.

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This is a guest post by Ben Russel, a creative writer, blogger and researcher from Fresno, California.

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