LRS 102: How Self-Made Millionaire Ramit Sethi Teaches People to Be Rich

How Self-Made Millionaire Ramith Sethi Teaches People to Be Rich

This episode of the Let’s Reach Success Podcast will be a success story again, of someone who started from nothing, made it big, and helps others do the same with his website, books, courses, and everything else that he does. That’s Ramit Sethi from I Will Teach You To Be Rich.

A great guy and a guru in the financial sector, who’s changing lives by sharing all that he knows about making, saving and managing money.

He’s the author of the bestseller I Will Teach You To Be Rich, which together with his website with the same name, has now turned into a multimillion-dollar brand.

There’s great content that I believe can help us all understand how money works. But what matters here most is he’s not the average financial guru that tells you to save on lattes. Instead, he’s doing it a bit differently.

I’ll discuss that, together with how he started and built his business, and what lessons we can learn not just about money. But also about living a good life, making more money and having purpose behind the work we do, and never worrying about bills or not making ends meet again.

How Ramit Sethi Makes People Rich

Show Notes:

  • Ramit’s 10-Year Principle [1:39]
  • What’s different about Ramit’s approach to teaching finance [4:53]
  • What I learned after watching a video of his on automating money [5:53]
  • How and why he started I Will Teach You To Be Rich [7:51]
  • Debunking one of the biggest myths in finance [9:32]
  • Examples of the I Will Teach You To Be Rich philosophy [11:57]


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