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One of the most common issues renters face is whether to stay or move on to something new.

If you’ve been in your current home for a while, it may just be the right time for you to start fresh in a new location.

Here are the top 17 signs you should move out of your current rental:

1. You need more space.

Rental homes are great once we first move into them, but, over time, they can feel cramped.

If you’ve felt like you need more space, then it might be time for you to consider a home that is more your size.

2. Your income has increased.

If you or your partner has received a sudden pay increase, then it might be time for you to consider upgrading to a rental that suits your new lifestyle.

While you could stay at your current rental, you likely can afford to upgrade if you have more disposable income.

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3. You spend most of your time in another area.

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Many people spend most of their day in another part of town. This is true for workers who have stayed in the same rental for years but have changed companies, which may be based in another area.

If you’ve started spending your time in another area, ask yourself what you like about that place and whether you’d like to live there.

4. Your family is expanding.

If you are expecting a child, then it is the perfect time to move to a new rental.

Children love space to move. Does your house have enough space for your whole family and is the home child-friendly?

Wouldn’t you prefer a larger yard that would allow the children to play while still under your supervision?

5. You need a bigger garage.

Do you have more than one car or are you planning to buy a new one? One great factor of upgrading is more garage space.

Whether you want to fill it with the latest toys or use it as your weekend workshop, upgrading to a better-quality rental might just let you enjoy your free time that much more.

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6. A cheaper option has become available.

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The market is constantly changing, so it’s no surprise to see rentals occasionally being offered for less than you’re currently paying.

If you are burdened with debt or buying a house is a future goal, a cheaper rental house could help you pay down a little more while saving just a bit more for your future dream.

7. Your children have moved on.

If your children have all grown up and left the house, it might be time to consider whether a smaller rental house will suit you.

When you cut down on your house size, you save on expenses across the board.

A new change will help you overcome any feelings of loss, which will help you adjust to your children being farther away than usual.

8. You’re getting older.

If you’re getting older, it might be time to consider whether a smaller rental is for you.

The main reason older people choose smaller homes is that they often come with less maintenance. Which is great if you simply don’t have the time, resources, or energy to do the tasks.

And with professional residential movers, you won’t have to stress about getting your valuables to your new home!

9. You feel like a change.

If you’re simply tired of your house and noisy neighbors, or you don’t want to hear traffic anymore, then it is time to consider a change.

A quieter area, or a more dynamic community, depending on your needs, could be the change you need.

10. You would like to live closer to family.

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If your adult children are settling down and having grandchildren, or your grandparents are getting older, and you’d like to be close to support them, then it is a great time to consider moving.

Living near family is a real blessing and can improve everyone’s happiness.

11. You are getting sick regularly.

Unfortunately, some houses come with hidden problems, such as black mold, leaks, or contamination.

If you’ve been consistently sick since you’ve lived in your house, it is a big sign you’d be better off living somewhere new.

12. You want to change careers.

If you’ve been thinking about a career change, but that career is typically based in another area, it is worth considering whether a move will help you meet your goals.

Many employers check your location to see whether they think you’ll make it to work on time every day. Why not move to the area dominated by your goal occupation to give yourself a better chance?

13. You’re tired of commuting.

If you spend a lot of time commuting each day, it is worth comparing the amount of time you spend to the cost of renting a home closer to your work.

While it is often more expensive to live closer to work, the increased well-being is worth it.

14. You want a more peaceful life.

Does your current rental arrangement stress you out? Are you living in the city but wish to live in the country?

A change can bring a sense of wellbeing unlike anything else.

If you’d like to take a step back from your current life, why not consider moving to a house in a quieter area?

15. You want your children to attend a specific school.

If you are interested in a specific school for your child or children, it is worth moving into the area.

When children live near the school, they feel more integrated into the community, as they will get to know their classmates in the area and you’ll get to know their parents.

16. Your house costs too much to heat or cool.

Heating and cooling represent some of the biggest expenses renters face.

If you’ve been having issues with your bills in the summer or winter, it is worth considering switching to a smaller or more energy-efficient rental home.

17. Your rent is increasing.

Unfortunately, rent increases are common as homeowners look to maximize their returns on their investment.

If you’ve received notification that your rent is increasing, it is worth it to see what’s on offer for the same price. If you find a more suitable or a cheaper rental elsewhere, moving is the perfect solution.

Everyone moves for his or her own reasons, but what’s important is you move when it feels right for you and your family.

Are you ready to move into a new rental home this year? Which factors are most important to you?

When you’ve identified what is important to you, you can begin the search for the perfect new home.

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One of the most common issues renters face is whether to stay or move. Here are 17 signs you should move out of your current rental #movingout #renting #realestate #newhome