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Blogging is a competitive industry. While not everyone makes a living from it, there are some great ways to earn money from blogging.

Getting people to your blog is the most important way of boosting your blogging income. But how can you make it possible when you’re all out of ideas?

If you need to increase your page views, then give the following tips a try for simple ways to increase your blog traffic.

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Have a Redesign

A redesign is a great way to renew interest in your blog and potentially reach a whole new load of visitors.

You can tease a redesign on your blog and your social media accounts to drum up some interest ready for your launch.

Make sure that you include a subscribe pop-up on your page to encourage those checking out your redesign to keep up with your latest posts.

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Use Pinterest

Bloggers are raving about how they use Pinterest to increase their blog traffic.

By uploading pins pointing to your blog content, you could increase your traffic dramatically, helping you to benefit from increase monetization opportunities.

Using auto-scheduling platforms like Tailwind, you can make light work of Pinterest to generate some amazing results for your business.

Release an App

Having an app might seem like a luxury for a blogger, but it could help you to increase your blog traffic, particularly among mobile users.

The hype around your app could be enough to generate some interest, and if you choose the right design, you could find your app taking off in the same way as websites like Bustle or Refinery29.

Choosing the right developer is important, take Lexel, an example of app developers with a good history of developing successful mobile apps, as the type of company you should be looking to work with.

Having an app can be particularly useful for bloggers who’ve incorporated a store into their blog, so it’s worth exploring the option if you really want to make a go of it.

Improve Your Social Media Strategy

After you start a blog, your social media strategy can help to increase your blog traffic significantly. It can help you develop a loyal following that provides you with monetization options.

Every post should have its own promotional plan, while you should also look to promote your older content and blog in general, to keep visitors flocking to your blog.

Designing an effective social media strategy requires research and thought, but it will be worth it to see those numbers jump.

Improve Your SEO

If your blog isn’t already SEO-friendly, then it’s time to make some changes. You can make your website Search Engine Optimized using a variety of techniques to help you improve your search engine rankings and get your blog seen.

Increasing your blog traffic takes work, but the results will be worth it. Help make the most of your increased visitor numbers by using advertising, affiliate marketing, and other monetization tools to help you earn good money from your blog.

If you need to increase your page views, then give the following tips a try for simple ways to increase your blog traffic. #blogtraffic #blogtraffictips #bloggingforbeginners #bloggingtips