How to Fall Asleep Fast, Sleep Better and Wake Up Happy - book by Lidiya K

This book will teach you how to:

  • beat insomnia once and for all;
  • end every day peacefully and get to sleep easily;
  • sleep well and enough;
  • stop waking up at night;
  • wake up with the first alarm and in a good mood;
  • be more energetic the whole day as a result.

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Do you sleep well and wake up happy in the morning?

Don’t worry if you can’t answer positively. You’re not alone. In fact, 70 million people in the US are affected by a sleep problem. Half of Americans admit that they don’t get enough sleep. And 15 out of 19 people in general feel tired in the morning.

Can you believe that?

We can easily go without food, but not without sleep. It’s a crucial health factor and affects everything else we do in life.

Fortunately, we can take control of all that.

How to Fall Asleep Fast, Sleep Better and Wake Up Happy can help you become a sound sleeper. It’s a 10-step process that will show you everything you need to know, without fluff and difficult terminology, so that you can take the first step towards having a great night’s sleep today and feel the benefits in a week or so.

Here’s what you’ll find inside the book:

  1. Fix your sleeping schedule.
  2. Unplug and do this instead.
  3. What NOT to do before bed.
  4. Mind tricks to get yourself to sleep.
  5. Prepare for tomorrow.
  6. Turn your bedroom into a sleeping sanctuary.
  7. Tools for faster and better sleep.
  8. Create a relaxing bedtime ritual.
  9. Turning all this into a habit.
  10. Wake up in a good mood and kickstart the day.

+ Techniques for falling asleep quickly.
+ 50 sleep affirmations to say before bed.

There are things we can start doing, and others we should stop, that will help us improve our sleep and wake up happy and energetic in the morning. It’s all about learning to relax your body and mind in the evening, fixing your sleep pattern, making some changes in your bedroom, and using the right tools.

Sleep is one of the top factors in health and performance, but also the one we neglect too often. Not anymore! You can now take control of the quality of your sleep and make the most of it.



Those who want to get enough sleep every night.

You deserve your 8 hours and should protect them. This book can help you sleep enough, without interruptions.

People struggling with falling asleep, who stay awake for hours.

That brings stress, and it’s one of the main reasons why you don’t get enough sleep. But you can fix it with some insomnia cures you’ll find in the book, plus removing some activities from your evening, while adding new, better ones.

It’s for those who want to feel fresh in the morning and start the day well.

Your morning can be a great experience and some peaceful me time to get things done. With this book, your quality of sleep will improve and you won’t begin the day in a bad mood but will wake up happy and energetic.

Those who don’t have a fixed sleeping schedule and never tried to improve their sleep by changing habits.

Now is the perfect time to do that.



Grab the book today.

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