Why Social Media Can Make You Obsessed with Having a Perfect Life

Why Social Media Can Make You Obsessed with Having a Perfect Life

This is a guest post by Javier Olivo.

Nowadays, appearance is everything. People tend to have an obsession with showing off their lives in public through social media so that the entire world will have an idea that they are living a perfect and happy life.

People got more concerned with proving to everyone that they are having the best time of their lives than enjoying themselves.

Being Happy Means Posting it.

The 30 appealing photos of your new dress are more likely for your new profile picture on Facebook rather than the actual event.
If you get a beautiful flower from a person, everyone on Instagram or Facebook needs to know about it.

Not to mention, going out without uploading a new Instagram picture or Snapchat story is unbelievable. If you’re going somewhere fascinating, you want to post an image online as an evidence of your amazing experience. Or else, everyone will think that it did not happen.

If you go to a club, most of the people in there are on their phones. If they are not taking pictures, they’re probably on Tinder, cheerfully meeting some strangers through the Internet while glaring at the people around them who do not even think of approaching just to have a personal conversation.

Love is on Social Media.

Some people announced their first dates on social media with pictures of a good-looking partner. Images taken during a date are more necessary to show your friends of how charming your date was, rather than focusing on the character and personality of the person that you date.

Single people start to feel bitter seeing passionate couples on their newsfeeds because it serves as a never-ending reminder that they still haven’t found someone. While everyone on Facebook already found a perfect relationship.

It is relatively easy to forget that individuals only post their best moments on social media and choose to hide away those worst moments.

It seems that people measure the success of any relationship by how many photos they post with their special someone, how romantic they are in those images, and how sweet their words are in the caption.

And those who didn’t post any pictures with their partners are most probably in a troubled relationship living an unfulfilled life.

The sad reality these days is that for most people who are in a relationship, being in love is not enough. And they don’t consider a relationship successful if they don’t share it on Facebook as a declaration of love.

Don’t Let it Change You.

Life is currently a popularity competition. And it seems that the popularity is more a reflection of how many followers you have on Twitter, and is less dependent on how many friends you have.

Girls upload Instagram pictures of their new woman’s clothing and then delete them the next day because they did not get enough likes. That alone is a consideration of how many individuals like them in real life.

Don’t let social media deceive you. There are still a lot of people who barely have any likes on their Facebook or Instagram photos, but still, have many friends.

On the other hand, others have hundreds of likes in social media, in spite of being the loneliest people of all.

In the age of the internet and smartphones, we can’t deny that technology continuously shapes our daily lives.

We can now communicate with family, friends, and harmonious communities in spite of the distance, and sharing even the most private aspects of our personal lives has become the norm. Everyone’s life is not quite as perfect as they want to show online.

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