How to Teach Kids Values through Spiritual Gardening

How to Teach Kids Values through Spiritual Gardening

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In the recent times, we are mostly involved in making our children tech-savvy. Also, we make it a priority to acquaint them with the materialistic aspects of life. But somewhere we are lagging behind in installing spiritual values.

We do not give the same importance for spiritual learning in children as compared to other aspects of life.

But spiritual content in a person is what makes them strong enough to face the obstacles that life throws at them. It also makes them a sound person who strives to live a righteous life.

There’s a simple yet impactful method to inculcate spiritual values in kids. That’s using gardening as a tool to reach them with some very important spiritual lessons for life. Many of us do involve our kids in the gardening activities.

It is a fascinating process to grow a plant from a sapling or seeds. It might also be a favorite pastime for some of the kids.

The Main Components of Spiritual Gardening

Spiritual gardening can be easily understood by relating the virtues of life to what a plant requires for its healthy growth. The following are the three main elements of gardening used to instill spirituality in children:

  • Soil: The Foundation
  • Sunlight: The Strength
  • Water: The Fellowship

Let’s see what each of these means.

Soil: The Foundation

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Can we imagine the existence of any plant on the planet without soil? Absolutely not! Such is the importance of soil in the lifecycle of a plant. It is the foundation where a seed germinates into a plant and grows up to bear beautiful flowers.

The soil is a rich source of all the nutrients that plants require. They obtain these nutrients from the soil to nurture themselves.

Sunlight: The Strength

After a proper foundation, any living creature requires a significant source of strength to keep life going. In the lifecycle of a plant, Sunlight is said to be this strong.

Scientifically, sunlight is as vital as the right soil for plants to grow.

Every plant grows in the direction of sunlight seeking strength. Similarly, we must seek the enlightenment and strength from other important things in life, such as love, communication, career aspirations, mindfulness, gratitude, and more.

Water: The Fellowship

The relation between plants and water is seen as a great fellowship between two mainstream ingredients of nature. They live in mutual harmony and that’s one of the key things about spiritual gardening.

Water rejuvenates plants. In turn, plants bring water back in the form of rain.

This is the kind of relationship we should have with other people too. We must help each other to prosper, while we reach our missions in life.

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These are the spiritual insights you can give to children through gardening. I hope this post has helped to improve the spiritual quotient you can bring in your child’s life.

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