These Tips Will Help You Stay Positive in Difficult Times

how to stay positive in difficult times - infographic

This is a guest post by Rebecca from Self Development secrets, an author, entrepreneur and most of all a wife and mother of 2. What she enjoys the most is helping normal people reach their full potential.

Giving negative thoughts free rein in your head can cause a serious adverse impact on your health and general well-being. Positive thoughts can have the opposite impact.

Positive thinking can help reduce stress and give you a better attitude that will help you deal with issues as they pop up in your life.

Here are some tips on how to stay positive:

Don’t Dwell on the Problem.

When you have a recurring problem or issue that is hovering over you like a cloud, it’s not always a good idea to dwell on it.

While you can’t ignore your problems, you should consider taking a break to take your mind off the problem. It can give you clarity regarding the problem and help you come up with a solution.

Finding Solutions.

Once you’re ready to face the problem or issue, it’s all about how you approach a resolution.

Instead of having a meeting with co-workers, employees or family members where you focus on the negative issue, make the focus of the meeting finding a solution to the problem. The solution will depend on the problem and the person involved. You can invite others to help you find the solution too.

The Positives in Your Life.

If you can surround yourself with positive people with optimistic values, they’ll keep you on track.

It’s easy to slip into negativity if you’re surrounded by negative people. If you’re the negative person in your group, try to absorb the energy and mindset of the others around you to start becoming more positive in your life. 

Exercise a Positive Mindset.

You can do this by making sure you’re giving yourself time to de-stress from life’s negative moments.

You can read inspirational posts or books, visit a yoga class or learn to meditate. Take some time each day to clear your mind and practice being positive.

When life’s bad moments hit, you’ll be more prepared to handle them.

Your Growth as a Positive Individual.

It can be tough to find the positive in bad situations, and often, it’s more about how you let it impact you.

You don’t have to be upbeat and happy about a bad situation, but it’s vital that you keep yourself from becoming too negative.

This takes time and practice.

Consider How Blessed and Lucky You Are.

Focusing on the positives in your life like family, friends and other loved ones can combat negative emotions or situations. They can be the focus instead of the negatives.

This Will Pass.

As with everything in life, even the bad situations filled with negativity will pass.

Whether it’s a lost relationship, death of a loved one or a lost job, you will find that time helps heal the loss. In the case of the job and relationship, you might find one that is better down the road.

Focus on Goals.

When you have goals, a minor setback won’t be enough to stop you.

You can reset your goals or refocus on them to get through the bad patch. It’s actually easier to reassert your focus when you have a goal. It could be work-related or have to do with your personal goal of being less stressed in your life.

While you might not always be successful, keeping positive gets easier in time as you practice and arm yourself with the right skills. Practice yoga, meditation or clearing your mind of issues. Surround yourself with positive people and keep focused on your goals.

And here’s an infographic on how to keep it positive no matter what by Self Development Secrets:

stay positive infographic


What about you? How do you stay positive in difficult times?

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