A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Let’s Reach Success Member and Making The Most Out of The Platform

Hey LRS readers. Today I decided to create a guide on how to get started with the site, and – ultimately – make the most of it.

After all, it’s created with one goal in mind – to provide inspiring and actionable advice on personal, spiritual and business growth. That happens through the content that I create (and that of guest contributors) and publish on the platform.

But I recently launched Let’s Reach Success Premium too, and let those who are truly interested in stuff like lifestyle design, working smarter, being strategic in life and in business, and unlocking the potential within, sign up and have access to all the things that can be found on the site.

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I’m talking about 1000+ articles, a whole book store, a page with how-to guides and downloads, special content for members coming up weekly, and more things coming in the future.

Although I’ve made sure to tackle all possible issues, answer questions you might have, and make the signup and payment process as easy as it can be, let me walk you through it from the very first step now.

With this post, I’ll also show you all that LRS offers, both in the front and the back end.

So, let’s get started.

1. Sign up form.

You can sign up from multiple pages, the simplest one being the subscription page, where you see nothing else but a registration form.

It looks like this (and yes, you can use that one too):

[wpmem_form register]

These forms can be found on posts restricted to non-members too, and on some sales pages I’ve created that I share on different platforms.

Regardless of where you end up on it, once you decide to join, the process is pretty straightforward.

  1. Choose and write a username in the first field.
  2. Write down your first name in the second empty box.
  3. Share your best email in the last one.
  4. Click ‘Register’.

Go to your email inbox and open the new message you’ll immediately have received by me.

There’s the registration info, together with the new password that was generated for you.

You’re now a member and can log in from the direct link in the email.

There’s one for changing your pass too.

2. Payment.

You are subscribed to the site now, and can log in as a member. But that still doesn’t give you access to the premium content.

The second and last step before you get to see a ton of articles and products, is to make payment via PayPal.

Click the link in your email to get to the login page.

Copy-paste your new password, and add the username you chose. Now log in.

starting a blog free guide

You’ll be taken to a Welcome page, where you’ll see this:

make payment to become letsreachsuccess.com premium member

Click the pink button.

You’ll be redirected to your PayPal account where you can make payment, and after successfully doing that, you’ll be taken back to the site, as an LRS Premium Member.

The site uses an SSL certificate, meaning all your information is secure, nothing is stored, and it’s encrypted too according to all regulations for sites where payments are made.

3. Enter the Welcome page.

You’ll now see a different Menu, only with things you need and nothing else.

The very first tab is titled ‘Welcome!’ and you can always click there to see once again the main purposes of the subscriber’s area all in one place.

There you can access the premium articles, action guides and books (although there are tabs for that on the new menu too), and also see the Q&A page, links to all important pages from the old menu and homepage (in case you’re interested in the free newsletter, wanna visit the Start Here page for new visitors of the site, see the guest post requirements, or else).

4. Read the latest premium articles.

The second tab in the menu is called ‘Latest’.

There you’ll find only articles that are specially written for you, and are longer than the usual, more personal, took me more time, or include much more practical information.

Check out a few. Go back to the old ones too.

And expect new ones weekly, of course.

5. Get a book.

There are plenty of books, each of which long enough to take you hours to read, so no rush.

Choose one title now.

The book store for members can easily be accessed from the ‘Books’ tab in the menu. You’ll see the covers of all that I’ve self-published over the years.


Each digs deeper into a specific topic that I’m passionate about, have experience with, and have learned a lot after research and trial and error.

Choose one that sounds like something you’d want to work on in your life, and click the image. It will take you to a PDF document.

It can be read on any device, so feel free to save it on your e-reader and get back to it later.

6. Let’s get to action with a how-to guide.

The next item on the menu is ‘Guides’. It takes you to a page that looks like the book store, but has another set of products – shorter, actionable downloads.

I’ll be adding new ones there often.

From how to publish your first book in less than a month and what to do first thing in the morning to create a business soon, to how to build confidence using only your mirror at home, and develop the mindset of a millionaire without actually having that money.

7. Ask me something.

Last but not least, this subscription means you can contact me any time.

In the last tab of the menu called ‘Support’, I share different ways to get in touch with me.

Whatever is most comfortable for you, you can use it to say Hey, ask me something about the blog, give me feedback, share a problem you’re struggling with and ask me for advice, or let me know what new topic you wanna see covered on LRS Premium.

So, that’s it.

From then on, you’ll be enjoying new content for subscribers on a weekly basis. And all the many things I’ll be working on and topics I’ll be covering in the future.


Content creation is my thing. I love distilling all the info out there and bringing you the very best, and also sharing my experience be it with changing habits, dealing with mental barriers, or struggling to make money online and being taken seriously by others in my life who don’t seek the freedom that I’m achieving.

And now that I have the chance to share some of that content with those who subscribe to the site and thus show true interest in growing personally, I’m even more thrilled to do it.

If you’re a member already, cheers for that.

If not, you can join here today.

If you aren’t interested, look forward to the free content that’s in the archives and the new posts and podcast episodes that come out on a regular basis.




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