the mission of letsreachsuccess.comAs a lifelong personal development lover, Lidiya found herself living in an ordinary world where potential was lost, work was considered a bad thing, and no one aimed high enough or took chances.

So she had to find the inspiration elsewhere.

She got familiar with the lives of lifestyle designers, happy business owners, strategic startup founders and productive independent creatives.

She then started a journey on her own. And creating Let’s Reach Success was the very first action that was taken.

Where it All Started, and Why

What started as a simple personal blog on self help, among millions of others, is now an authoritative site with a whole library of books and guides, a podcast, followers across many platforms, and 1000 articles in the archives, some of which by the growing number of guest contributors and clients sponsoring the content.

And Lidiya, who was just a student in Bulgaria, dissatisfied with how society expected her to live, is now living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, waking up every day to work on her online business doing what she loves and inspiring with her words. That happens from the comfort of her home, a coffice somewhere in the city, or anywhere else around the world while traveling and living the mobile lifestyle.

You can even say she’s living the American Dream,
without ever having step foot in the US.

She can also call herself a lifestyle designer now, just like the people she was passionately reading about years ago.

But she’s doing it her own way, and through the never-ending love for personal growth that helps her put in the work and creative energy day after day.

Now making money online, being your own boss, finding discipline to build new personal habits, spending a few weeks somewhere in Asia whenever you feel like, and not having a single element in your life to complain about, aren’t myths for her.

This is Bigger Than Lidiya and LRS

She’s living the dream. But it’s hers.

However, her next goal is to show anyone willing to do the work how to live theirs.

So she decided to take Let’s Reach Success to the next level by turning it into the ultimate resource on anything related to self-improvement and online business.

The things that haven’t changed since the early days of Let’s Reach Success and Lidiya’s journey, though, are the following:

  • The love for personal, spiritual and business growth is always on the grow;
  • the strong belief that anyone can achieve what she’s doing with her life and design the dream lifestyle for themselves;
  • the fact that understanding the principles of success, building the right habits and making a mindset shift can lead to a huge transformation that goes beyond the individual, and can result in leaving a dent in the universe;
  • it takes time and work, but this transformation is the best thing one can do with their life!

That’s the short version of where it all started, both with Lidiya’s path to the ideal life, and the journey of LRS, that’s become more than just a personal blog.

The About page offers more details on her way of thinking, values and things she’s doing with her life.

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