7 Study Habits of Effective Students You Should Adopt to Be a Topper

7 Study Habits of Effective Students You Should Adopt to Be a Topper

This is a guest post by Professor Kamal Pathak, an expert in teaching and mentoring students from the best schools in Bangalore. He has worked with toppers and average students to improve their academic performance and help them develop good study habits.

Both toppers and average students put their best in studying.

They have equal brains and potential to gain knowledge. But there is always something that keeps toppers always ahead of others.

Parents often wonder, what is this factor that is missing in their child’s way of studying? We observed and asked the top rankers and average students the methods of studying and what references they use.

A brief study found that there is no significant difference in the reference materials. But the students getting exceptional marks have a few study habits that are keeping them ahead of others.

The Study Habits of Toppers

1. Plan Study Schedule.

This study habit has been observed amongst all the students doing exceptionally well in exams.

They would have a daily schedule where they set aside time for themselves, as well as for studying. They would not run wild with any plan, but follow a routine that helps maintain focus.

2. Study on the Same Day.

Topper students would tell you they do not sum up their study. Whatever is taught in school, they would immediately follow it at home.

This saves a lot of efforts to remember things again after a month, which is not possible. Also, during the exam preparation it is very easy to study following this habit, and there would be no pressure on students.

3. Set Study Goals.

set clear study goals

Most students from IB schools in Bangalore would have set a clear study goal with set deadlines. Syllabi these days are pretty lengthy and it’s not possible to complete a subject in short duration.

Most of the toppers have set a deadline for themselves for every subject and even chapter.

4. Keep Away From Distractions.

Distractions can be of any kind. A talkative friend, a notorious batch mate, mobiles, TV and parties – all of these are top contributors to distractions.

But, effective students have mentioned that they ask their friends not to call during study time, or are switching off and studying with focus for a fixed period of time.

They set a code of conduct for themselves when it comes to study and do not prioritize anything over studies. Such study habits are powerful and pay off in the long run.

5. Divide Studying.

High achievers would mention that they don’t study for long hours at a stretch, for any specific subject or chapter.

They would divide a chapter or topic in parts to avoid over stretching.

Developing such study habits would help them cover topics with ease and keep them stress-free.

6. Work on Difficult Assignments First.

It is a fact that not all students do equally well in all the subjects.

Few students are proficient in one subject, while others are better at another subject.

But, then how do toppers do well in every subject?

In reality, effective students also find a few topics or subjects difficult. But, they would first attempt to study or complete a difficult assignment.

One of their most effective study habits is to complete tough subjects first.

7. Utilize Resources and Get Help.

Students from top IB schools in Bangalore describe how they would go through each and every resource of the library to understand a topic. They form a habit

They form a habit to get help from every possible resource available to them. Often you would find toppers around lecturers and teachers asking questions. This is another important habit that would keep such students ahead.

Seek help and guidance from every student and teacher wherever required, and do not shy away from it.

These are few of the study habits that have come directly from the horse’s mouth. They are tried and tested methods for studying for any student to thrive academically.



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