LRS 078: What’s Behind The Marketing, Business and Personal Success of Neil Patel

What’s Behind The Marketing, Business and Personal Success of Neil Patel - let's reach success podcast

Neil Patel is one of my most favorite entrepreneurs that I follow online.

He’s a marketing guru, an investor and influencer, has helped so many companies scale, co-founded Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics and Hello Bar, is the master mind behind Quick Sprout, and a god when it comes to conversion optimization, sales and branding.

But he’s got a great personality too.

What’s more, after having achieved such success, being the go-to guy for big businesses that want to scale or optimize their approach, together with all the speaking gigs and events, he can easily just stop working hard and enjoy the name he’s already built for himself.

Instead, however, he’s consistently providing value for free on a number of publications such as and his personal blog, and contributing to most of the big sites in the niche that we all know and love.

And I’m not talking about just getting a piece out there every now and then. He publishes a few blog posts weekly that are around 2-3000 words, filled with data and practical tips, and does free trainings and webinars.

In fact, that’s one of the main principles he suggests anyone wanting to start an online business must ruthlessly follow – to create a ton of valuable content, give it away for free, and let it be the foundation of your brand and a wonderful way to become an authority and be found by new clients and readers.

That’s why I’m dedicating today’s episode of the Let’s Reach Success podcast to him, his life and business.

Let’s dig deeper into what Neil Patel is doing and see what we can replicate to improve our marketing and entrepreneurship game.


Show Notes:

  • The very first business projects Neil got into in high school [2:15]
  • What his first official job and online business looked like, and what they led to [3:52]
  • What about the success of Crazy Egg became the main strategy behind KISSmetrics [5:35]
  • How Neil Patel does personal branding [7:48]
  • Some more things that contribute to your personal brand that you might be underestimating [11:09]
  • What Neil thinks about finding a mentor [13:48]


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