3 Ways Your Company Can Support a Charity This Christmas

3 Ways Your Company Can Support a Charity This Christmas

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The season of giving is upon us once again.

This is when gifts and holiday baskets are once again in demand as the Christmas rush draws nearer. Companies might even give seasonal bonuses or complimentary packages for their employees as a gesture of goodwill. But if you want to boost your external corporate image to the public, then supporting charities this month is a great way to accomplish this.

In fact, a 2015 report indicated that 30% of donations are received during December, with an average of $1.4B given as of that year. It’s why organizations like the Salvation Army and Make a Wish Foundation have donation drives to bank on the holiday giving season.

So if you want to help spread the good cheer this Christmas, here are three great ways your company can help out.

  1. Fundraiser events.

Organizing an event of your own is a way to raise awareness for a non-profit organization. Some of the most reliable marketing activities that your company can do include concerts, children’s parties, or even conventions. Proceeds from these events can go to gift giving charities or non-profit organizations. At the same events, you also have the option of selling merchandise to help raise money for the cause you want to support. These can include personalized silicone bracelets, shirts, and other memorabilia. These items are cheap and easy to customize, for the cost of a small investment. At the same time, they also give you the extra benefit of spreading awareness of your company’s brand among the events donors, attendees, and volunteers.

  1. Sponsorships.

Another option is to become a sponsor if a charity organization is holding an event.

Depending on the packages they have, you could have options to get your company listed as one of its trusted partners. But if you have sufficient funds or gifts in kind, you might even get to have a booth at the charity organization’s event.

This allows you to send representatives to talk about your company to get more brand recognition. Not only do you manage to donate to a worthy cause, but you also get leads or prospects in return.

  1. Internal donation drives.

Collecting from willing employees is a simple but effective way that any business can contribute.

Chances are, your CEO supports an organization you can give holiday donations to. In other cases, your company might even have its own foundation that does outreach programs.

Either way, you’ll have a great opportunity to channel financial aid or gifts in kind for the charity you want to support. You can even raise awareness about these activities to your employees through internal memos and newsletters to get them involved.

These are some of the most effective ways that your company can help donate to a worthy cause this Christmas season. Not only do you manage to help people in need, your company’s reputation is also put in a positive light. Since most people are already jumping on the holiday donation bandwagon, you too can join in and make a difference.

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