Surveillance Cameras and Their Various Security Applications

Surveillance Cameras and Their Various Security Applications

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In George Orwell’s cult science fiction classic “1984,” an omniscient yet unseen presence monitored every citizen’s move. The concept even spawned the reality TV phenomenon “Big Brother” named after the character.

Today, in the 21st century, technological advancements such as the Internet, mobile phones and computers have definitely made “Big Brother” a reality, but in a less sinister way.

Surveillance is used for the common good of the majority, to protect against untoward or lawless incidents.

Eye in the sky

Highly sophisticated surveillance and security cameras have become the embodiment of “eyes and ears” that can monitor a particular place or location twenty-four-seven, and under any physical or environmental conditions.

The best surveillance equipment are those that offer high-quality video and audio output, and a wide range of motion capabilities and functionalities, thanks to high-tech components like mini motors, including micro brushless motors and stepper motors.

Surveillance and security systems have steadily evolved in the past years into a multi-billion dollar industry, thanks to growing applications in both traditional and new markets.

Here are just some of them:

1. Home surveillance and security.

CCTV (closed circuit television) cameras used to be a luxury found only in large residential estates, but not anymore.

Thanks to the Internet and mobile phone technology, coupled with more affordable hardware and equipment, surveillance systems are now enjoying extensive use for domestic purposes.

There are even apps these days that allow homeowners to view their homes remotely through mobile phone, and control the camera’s functionalities such as recording, zooming, or panning.

It is a wise decision for homeowners to invest in home surveillance systems not only to protect financial or material possessions, but also to deter crime or help solve untoward incidents through the help of video and audio evidence.

Surveillance cameras can be installed not only in single-detached homes but also in condominium units and even mobile homes such as campers and boats.

Surveillance cameras are also becoming a more viable alternative to the traditional baby monitors, nanny cams, or even pet cams. Some equipment even come with features that allow interaction and communication between the observer and the subject.

2. Police surveillance.

Police operations and law enforcement work are another traditional area of application for surveillance cameras.

With the advent of more compact and precise equipment such as dashboard and mobile cameras, their use is becoming more widespread and prevalent.

Police surveillance video is helpful not only in catching perpetrators or lawbreakers, but also in ensuring the welfare and protection of law enforcement personnel.

In court cases or disputes, video evidence is vital in establishing the context of engagement between law enforcers and subjects.

3. Homeland security, military, and border protection.

On a wider scale, surveillance is implemented for the welfare and interest of the community, society, or nation at large. The information gathered is also mostly for intelligence operations apart from mere law enforcement or prevention of crimes.

Given the wider scope and area of coverage for surveillance, camera and recording equipment for military use are more sophisticated and accurate.

Expectedly, they are also more expensive because of their specialized functions and features. Access to these data and information are also restricted by the government or proper authorities.

Technology has definitely grown by leaps and bounds, and the use of surveillance cameras has evolved from basic security purposes to being an alternative mode of communication and information gathering.

Equipment manufacturers as well as security service providers are thus constantly challenged as well to come up with innovations to meet the demands of today’s users and customers, whether domestic, commercial or government.

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