3 Things That Will Take Your Blog from Basic to Breathtaking

6 Ways to Generate Traffic That You May Not Have Thought About

Have you ever encountered a blog that just took off with no apparent reason why? Maybe the writing is not that spectacular or well-written, but their traffic outnumbers yours by three to one.

Or perhaps your own blog started off strong, but the numbers have gone flat and you lost momentum.

The truth is, there are some really amazing bloggers out there who are getting overlooked because they just don’t know how to market themselves effectively.

You Can Do SEO Without Selling Your Soul

This may be something you’ve resisted. You know your 0 blog is insightful or hard-hitting, and you figure if you keep it real, your audience will find you.

These days, it doesn’t matter how good your content is if your content is buried on the third page of search results. Even the most artistic and intellectual among us also have to develop a head for business and effective self-promotion.

So, what are the search giants looking for? The same thing as your potential audience: high-quality, fresh content that’s engaging and relevant.

Google and other search engines are in the business of satisfying their users, not companies. So they’ll reward blogs and eCommerce websites that provide a demonstrable level of value.

How do they measure value? A lot of it comes down to visuals.

Using Video to Grow Your Audience

We live in a fast-paced, image-driven world. You can chalk it up to lack of time or an abundance of shiny objects vying for our attention 24/7, but it’s a fact that you can’t escape.

Content that finds the right balance between engaging copy and quality visuals will gain more attention than static content alone no matter how well done it is.

Why is that?

Search engines crawling the web have millions of pages of content to sift through, so they place priority on that which stands out with concise meta descriptions, keyword optimization and images.

Content with unique video and imagery, not duplicate or rehashed content, consistently ranks higher because it provides more perceived value to the user.

Fair or not, a two-minute video is more easily absorbed than 1,000 words of text. It’s more shareable, too, which is another metric used to determine ranking. Marketing research shows that blogs that include video receive 258% more trackbacks than those that offer other types of images or text alone.

When you’re ready to take your blog to another level, companies like Mini Fridge Media can show you the way. Professional video that compliments your blog provides added value to your readers, and it’s a worthy investment. Check into it today.

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