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Gift #1: 10 Habits Successful Entrepreneurs Master at a Young Age

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Gift #2: 150 Ways to Live Simply and Happily

This book contains tips on how to simplify your life and bring joy and contentment into it. You can use it for daily inspiration and as a reminder of all the happiness around you.

Inside you’re going to find 130 easy ways, tips, strategies and ideas on how to live a peaceful and contented life. There are also 20 selected quotes on the subject.

I believe that no matter where in your personal development plan you are now, you can always benefit from a positive reading like this and think of even more reasons to smile and appreciate what you have.

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150 Ways to Live Simply and Happily


Gift #3: 30 Ways to Build New Habits and Make Them Stick: Report

Developing good habits is the core of self-improvement. And if we learn how to identify the bad ones and replace them for successful, positive and healthy habits, we’ll achieve much more in every area of life.

But there’s something else that gets in the way.

Even when people decide to change their behavior and build the great habits all successful people share, they have a hard time staying consistent.
And if you can’t make a new habit stick, why bother starting at all?

But there are easy, powerful and proven ways to help you start a habit and stick to it.

And now I’m giving you the only 30 you’ll ever need in the form of a cheat sheet.

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Gift #4: 25 Morning Routines

I write a lot about the morning rituals of successful people. Check out this collection of 25 of them and get inspired to start your day like them.

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25 morning routines of successful people

Gift #5: The Most Important Questions to Ask Yourself

Questions are powerful and we can use them to get to know ourselves better, to find what we truly want and to understand how to get it. They can help us analyze what it takes to become successful and leave a mark in the world.

Here’s a free workbook to help you find answers and start transforming your life. It’s purpose is to make you think and look deep inside yourself.

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Gift #6: How to Write and Publish Your First Book in Less Than 30 Days

Never before has it been so easy for anyone to self-publish an eBook.

In this beginner’s guide I’ll show you the process of choosing a topic, the preparation (things to do before you start creating content), getting to work and actually getting the writing done, editing, formatting and proofreading, and how to publish and promote it after that.

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Gift #7: 8 Ways Other People and Stuff Suck The Self-Esteem Out of You

Here’s a mini eBook on self-confidence.

Sometimes, even if we’ve worked hard on increasing our self-esteem and have learned how to believe in ourselves no matter what, there are outer sources that may ruin all that. See what they are and how to deal with them.

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Gift #8: Sample Chapters of My Books

This Moment

ebook this moment


How to Kill Procrastination One Excuse at a Time

how to kill procrastination - book


How to Break Any Bad Habit

how to break any bad habit - book


Finding The 1 Thing You Were Born to Do

Finding The 1 Thing You Were Born to Do - a book on finding and following your passion, by Lidiya K


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