The Let's Reach Success Podcast

Welcome to The Let’s Reach Success Podcast.

If you’re interested in personal development and want to find smarter ways to do regular stuff, but prefer to listen to the information rather than read it, then the show is for you. Plus, you can do it while driving, walking, in the gym, or else.

The Let’s Reach Success Podcast is a place where we discuss how to change habits, be more productive, do what we love and basically hack every area of life. Here we’re all about self-improvement, believe in people’s potential and are getting things done instead of just planning them.

Learning from the best.

After I did 50 or so episodes, I decided to change the structure of the show a bit. Since then it’s been focused more on the life lessons of some of the most successful people on the planet and the success stories of top companies and brands.

I like exploring the mindset of high-achievers, productivity gurus, millionaires, and lifestyle designers. By seeing what works for them, we can also make the necessary changes in our life and even avoid their mistakes.

I believe that’s the smarter approach to personal and business growth.

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How to make the most of each episode?

A new episode of the LRS podcast is up every Thursday. You can either subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher, or simply visit in the end of the workweek, then click Podcast in the menu and see what the latest episode is about.

I also add these to YouTube so you can receive updates there by subscribing to my channel.

I start each episode with a short intro, explaining what you’re going to hear in it. Then it’s time for the action part.

Episodes of the Let’s Reach Success podcast can vary from 10 to 25 minutes, depending on how much advice or how many steps I’ll be sharing on the topic that day.

I cite sources, include step-by-step processes, share what I’ve learned about some of the most successful people and those I admire in the self-help or start-up world. Sometimes I use their words, other times I say it in my own way.

If you like listening carefully and don’t multitask, you might be taking notes with books mentioned, people whose businesses are worth checking out, or ideas on how to upgrade your own life by developing new habits or a new perspective.

If you listen to podcasts while doing something else, you’ll find the show notes helpful. Every time I publish an episode, I also create a post on my website. There you see general info about the person or topic of this episode, an audio player, show notes, and anything mentioned with links to the original source.

That post can be accessed quite easily as I create simple urls for these. I mention that in the beginning and end of every episode, so you can easily type it in your browser.

After an episode about the daily routine of the CEO of Apple – Tim Cook, for example, that link looks like this:

Easy, right?

Who’s The Let’s Reach Success Podcast For?

The show is targeting lovers of self-improvement, lifestyle design and entrepreneurship. It’s for anyone who likes learning things, hearing success stories, staying motivated to reach their goals, and is curious but also willing to do the work.

It’s also for those who spend their free time wisely and are lifelong learners. Each episode can be life-changing if you extract one lesson from it, and actually go out there and do something about it right away.