Having a pet is a great way to connect on a deeper level, feel loved, have company no matter what, and feel more comfortable at home.

When we’re talking about cats, however, there’s more behind that.

Here’s how having a cat changes you although you might not always be aware of that, and the valuable life lessons we are learning from these amazing creatures:

1. Take it slowly.

Have you noticed that cats are never really in a hurry?

You can’t see them anxious or worried. They are completely present, enjoying the moment for what it is, and usually not bothered by unnecessary distractions.

We should be more like this too. And having such a role model in your house helps to remind yourself that mindfulness leads to contentment.

In fact, because sometimes cats can replicate your behavior and even unhealthy habits, there are ways you two can reduce stress together.

2. Independence.

Cats are independent beings. No doubt about that.

In fact, whenever I take a look at mine, I remember how needy we people are compared to them. And try to be mentally stronger and remind myself of the potential within and all that we can achieve if we put our mind to it.

Take responsibility for your own problems, don’t rely on others in any way, don’t make excuses, wait for things to happen, or complain about what you don’t like. Either go do something about it, or accept it for what it is and go back to being present.

3. Your start expressing your feelings better.

Loving a cat is easy. When you do it long enough, you even start opening yourself up to other people too, even if you’ve been struggling with this your whole life.

No matter how you feel about yourself, and how hard it is for you to show your love to others, the communication with your pet is simple.

No words needed. You’re just keeping each other company and are happy with that. That shows you what it means to be loved, how easy feelings are supposed to be, and reminds you once again that humans usually complicate things and make it harder to share what’s on your mind, or in your heart.

Then, you also take care of your cat and become more responsible.

4. Cuddles cure bad mood.

There’s nothing cuddles can’t fix, and your cat knows that pretty well.

Regardless of what you’ve been going through, or how busy or stressful your day was, you can go cuddle your cat and feel the positive emotions it sends back your way, to instantly feel better.

In fact, studies show that this helps with social isolation too and when feeling lonely, and also make you happier and healthier in general.

5. Keep your circle small.

Have you noticed that cats choose carefully who they like, and are pretty direct when they don’t fancy somebody?

Well, we should all be like that if we want to be surrounded by the right people and eliminate the toxic ones that lower our self-esteem and make us unhappy.

6. Curiosity.

Bring something new at home, and your cat will be there instantly to check it out.

Move some furniture, and it will probably go lie there for a while as it feels different.

Such curiosity is inspiring.

Now that you know all the benefits a cat brings to your life, appreciate spending time with yours more.

Any other life lessons your cat teaches you?