10 Things We Do When We Are in Love

10 Things We Do When We Are in Love - let's reach success

Ah! Love!…the one four letter word that has more than four million definitions, more than four million feelings attached to it and more than four million things we do, when in love!

Firstly, let’s start with listing a few of the things we do when in love, naively so, deeply so and ever so unconditionally!

Here’s a list of things the beginners do, the ones who haven’t yet taken anything for granted, the ones who love freely!

1. Hear their names with things that don’t even rhyme.

Maybe this happens subconsciously, but it does happen in the beginning, when it is all new.

You listen to your friend talking about a drink, and you hear their name. A commercial about a product, and then you hear it sound the same! So yes, Apple rhymes with Massey!

2. Write little things for them.

You know those sweet little heartfelt messages? The ones that make you giddy inside and smile outside? Those! Where there are claims of making a dull life colorful, or giving meaning to a life. Pouring the heart out to someone in just a little text, encompassing or trying to encompass all that you feel in a message so that the other person knows.

3. Finding chances to hold each other’s hands. 

Isn’t it just an “AWW” moment? The first time the hands touch each other, measure the palm and feel the skin! And then, going on drives and holding hands, watching movies and holding hands, moonlit skies and walks on the beach, hand in hand and peace in mind.

4. Waking up, reaching for the phone, and wishing them good morning. 

Blurry eyes, lack of sleep and yet wanting to wish the other person good morning, to be the first person to wish them or talk to them, and ask about their health, wish them a good day and spend the day chatting or talking with them.

5. Exchanging clothes. 

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Absolutely adorable! When couples exchange jerseys or jackets or hoodies and wear them, well the girl wears it and the guy holds it. That quaint smell that we attach to the other person and the way couples sniff them when they miss each other is precious.

6. Edit photo and make collages. 

The social media are in no lack of collages, video edits and photographs of couples declaring or showing love to each other.

Pictures are clicked, they are then seen from each angle, zooming in and out, they are edited, put through filters and then uploaded with captions that depict the truest form of love the mankind knows to exist and after a couple of likes this procedure is repeated again!

7. Call each other by nick names.  

Goofy little names, silly little names, names of food items, and just random things! And then call them knowingly by mistake in public, to call dibs, and claim stakes!

Embarrass each other by these names, and send smileys and change their name in the contacts list.

8. Dedicate songs to each other.  

Music, the other language of love!

Listening to a song, sending it to your partner, telling them about the lines that reminded you of them.

Singing it for them, recording in your own voice with little confidence in your own self and sending it to them when they are asleep so that they can listen to it the first thing in the morning.

Or better yet, writing and singing a whole new song for them. Love is in the voice, air is contaminated you see!

9. Talk on topics about love and getting lost in the words.

So many people, so much love, so many recordings, such preserving of love on pages and getting engrossed in them today.

It is beautiful, when a man talks about love openly, of literature that depicted love magically.

When the topics of love don’t mean just another thing, but topics you can relate to; add to or learn from. Get girls a man like that please!

10. Make promises and fall for them.

Words are said, words are written, words are heard, and words are believed. This heart of ours has the tendency to take major risks, and life goes on.

More than words, we need actions.

More than pictures, we need memories.

More than romance, we need brutal honesty and care.

More than comfort in the arms, we need comfort in the presence. 

And when in love, we need to be loyal to the love we claim in words by being in love and displaying it. Love, just because it comes naturally.

We need love like the Greeks define Agape, for everyone; Philia for friends; Eros for romance and a heart for everything in between.

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