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This book will teach you how to:

  • be more mindful;
  • leave the burden of the past behind;
  • stop worrying about the future;
  • start living life to the fullest by experiencing every moment.

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There is nothing that powerful, with so many opportunities, that can change a life in a matter of seconds, so fleeting and yet with a lifetime of consequences, like the present moment.

The power of now is unbelievable. And the best thing is that it’s given to you and you decide what to do with it.

Why do we take it for granted then, never make the best of it and then regret that? Maybe because we have so many of these little gifts, literally millions.

This book can help you get back to this moment, be present and not only enjoy it and feel the abundance you live in, but also do something about creating a better future.

Inside, you’ll find out:

  • how suffering really looks like and what causes it;
  • what to do about that and be happy instead;
  • what makes us live in the past and how to let go of that;
  • how to stop overthinking and start experiencing every minute;
  • what are the barriers to piece of mind and how to remove them;

and more.


It’s for people who are trapped in their past.

If you’re constantly going back to what has happened before, relive negative situations, wish for things to be different and have regrets, then this book is for you.

Those living in the future and trying to plan everything.

If you often find yourself worrying about what might happen tomorrow, even fearing it, or trying to predict and prepare, then this book will help you as you’ll learn how to let go of the future and get back to the present moment.

Those who always expect a lot.

Many people are limited by their expectations. They have a vision of how they want life to be, things to turn out and other people to behave. But it rarely meets reality. And they get disappointed and upset. If that sounds familiar, this book will be quite useful.

People looking for peace and happiness in daily life.

If you overanalyze things too much, can’t find a reason to smile, want to change things, seek happiness in outer sources and feel like there’s more to life, you need this book.


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