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Can you name the best universities in the UK? It’s safe to say that the United Kingdom has some of the oldest and most famous universities in the world, and over 56 universities and colleges are ranked high worldwide.

For education purposes, plenty of students move to the United States from other parts of the world. They look for a bright future and are provided with facilities they had ever dreamt of.

The United Kingdom is home to best institutions like Oxford and Cambridge. The best and most renewed universities have been mentioned below.

Oxford University

The University College Oxford is one of the best and oldest in the world.

How old is Oxford University? Well, this university was founded in the 18th century. Since then, it has dedicated itself to the betterment and well-being of students.

Every year, numerous international students seek admission at the University of Oxford. It is known for its graduate and postgraduate programs like economics, science, technology, engineering, business studies and others.

The university organizes different conferences and events every year where both local and international students are encouraged to participate.

During your studies, you may be asked to participate in group discussions, and class-based presentations, which is an added point since these will help you improve your interpersonal and communication skills.

Currently, the university has over 36 constituent colleges and a wide range of academic departments.

Instructors and qualified teachers at advise future students to get a high education at Oxford University.

Cambridge University

In the list of UK universities, the name is Cambridge University is always mentioned. It is one of those few universities that have their own publishing house.

Cambridge has been operating since 1500 and is the second largest university in the world, following Oxford University. It receives thousands of applications every year, but the admission process is strict.

If you are a brilliant student, you can easily get admission here and take advantage of the Cambridge University library.

Here a large number of books and journals remain available. You need to show your student card to get access to a book of choice.

Besides this, the university offers plenty of options for its students to gain knowledge. Cambridge University summer school is meant for those who want to study part-time.

Imperial College London in the United Kingdom

Imperial College London, also known as Imperial College of Science, Technology, and Medicine, is one of the best public sector institutes in the United Kingdom.

It is based in London and provides its students with a diverse number of courses and degree programs.

Rather than looking for other institutions, you may submit your application at this research university. If your academic background is satisfactory, then your chances of getting admission will be high.

It has a wide range of in-house museums and departments where students are encouraged to visit during and after the study hours to gain more and more knowledge.

For business and science students, a large number of conference halls and laboratories are also built.

For example, if you are studying computer science, you will be provided with a chance to avail of its computer-based services without any extra charges.

The Imperial Institute was founded in the 18th century, and in the 19th century, the Imperial College of Medicine was founded after the merger of several medical schools and private hospitals.

Today, a large number of local and international students are studying Medicine here.

UCL – University College London in the United Kingdom

It is one of the best universities in UK for business. The University College London, shortly written as UCL, is a public sector institute, based in London.

It has its branches across the country and is known for one of the largest postgraduate enrolments. Meaning, thousands of students seek admission in its postgraduate classes every year.

The university was founded in 1826 and expanded itself with time. Today, millions of applications are submitted every academic year, and the admission criteria are too complicated.

If you are an average student, you may never be able to seek admission in its business or science classes.

LSE – London School of Economics in the United Kingdom

What are the London School of Economics entry requirements? No doubt, it is one of the finest colleges for economics students.

A wide range of degree programs is offered in the fields like business, economics, and accounting. You may also study political sciences or linguistics if you do not have any interest in business and economics.

Be assured of your success based on how many lectures you attended and how many presentations you gave during the academic session. If you are a hardworking and dedicated student, you will surely get success and land a job of desire.


It’s safe to say that a large number of universities and colleges are present in other developed countries too. But none of them is as wonderful and amazing as the universities and colleges of the United Kingdom.

Here the standard of education is very high, and most students easily secure well-paying jobs as the companies are confident about their skills and capabilities.

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