LRS 076: Your Tough Childhood Doesn’t Define You. Here’s How Tony Robbins Handles It

Your Tough Childhood Doesn’t Define You. Here’s How Tony Robbins Handles It - the let's reach success podcast

Episode 76 of the Let’s Reach Success podcast will be filled with some powerful insights, lessons and success stories that are part of Tony Robbins’ life.

Now, when I dedicate an episode to the life of a successful entrepreneur, or someone who’s doing big things and leaving a legacy, I begin by introducing them with a few sentences.

Usually, I saw what they do, what company they run, what famous product they’ve created, where they’ve appeared online, or anything else most people will be familiar with, that’s also a proof that this guy or woman is a big name.

Now, however, I really don’t know how to summarize such a legendary life in a paragraph, before moving onto the nuts and bolts of it to see the lessons we can extract.

So before sharing where it all started and how his mindset was formed, I’ll talk about how exactly Tony Robbins is spending his time, and how it affects other people’s lives and the world in general.

Show Notes:

  • What is Tony Robbins famous for and what industries he’s changing [1:23]
  • How his life can be summarized in one sentence, and what’s the purpose of this episode [5:40]
  • What was going on in his home as a child, and how he developed an interest in personal development [8:25]
  • How a bad childhood usually affects kids, even as adults [11:20]
  • 3 ways to push past fear that Tony Robbins teaches his audience [12:54]


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